Winter Art

While I really enjoy teaching art there is nothing worse then spending the afternoon in the midst of paint and glue and pastels and paper bits only to have the activity not turn out. This week`s art left me with a smile on my face and some paint on my clothes! I started with this inspiration from Pinterest. Before we started I read the story Snowmen at Christmas - to get us in the mood and check out some winter night skys.

We changed it up a bit - we took out the person sledding and added more trees. We have been working on using size and overlapping to create perspective, so we took the opportunity to show what we know. We have also been working on colour value, so we used tempra paints to create a variety of blue tones. Of course no bulletin board is complete (according to the powes that be) without some writing to accompany it, so we added our personal reflections about our art. Students wrote what they thought they did well and what they would improve upon next time (also hits the Ontario curriculum expectation D2.4 identify and document their strengths, their interests, and areas for improvement as creators).
The above picture is our finished product - no title on the board yet!
Of course after the lesson and art was complete I thought this would be a great activity to do with the book Owl Moon - maybe next time!


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