Christmas Caroler Art

Tomorrow is our Christmas concert and I was hoping to change our hallway bulletin board before all the parents were coming through our school. Since we are singing two songs (see earlier post for links) I thought we would make ourselves into Christmas Carolers for our art today. I used this Pinterest post for inspiration. We also watched A Charlie Brown Christmas to watch the characters sing with their heads up and noses pointed to the sky (or just so we could watch a movie!!). We changed up the art a little so that there were arms and they were holding Christmas song pages. I have included the tracers we used for this art - it made a lovely bulletin board but would also be great in January. Some students made their arms 3D, others added snow, some even added hair and a tongue!


  1. These are precious! I love showing my kiddos Charlie Brown! Thank you so much for sharing. =)

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    Heather's Heart

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by - I just checked out your awesome blog! You have some amazing resources!!

  3. I am happy to have found your blog. I am your newest follower. Thanks for the great ideas! I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. You can read more about it on my blog:
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