Christmas Ornament - First Craft of the Season

Yesterday we made our first Christmas craft of the season. I took this idea from a craft my daughter brought home three years ago (the joy of having kids the same age as the kids you teach!). It is very simple but looks great on our tree at home. All you need are styrofoam balls, sequins, marshmallows and straight pins. I had to actually go to Fabricland to get straight pins - the dollar store only had ones with fancy heads.The straight pin goes through the sequin, then the marshmallow and into the styrofoam ball. Cover the entire sphere (that's right we tied it into our math on 3D solids). Add a ribbon to hang and voila - a sparkly, snowflake ornament.


  1. Thanks for sharing the cute idea.I'm your new follower.


  2. Thanks for following - as you can see I am very new to blogging - hope I share things you can use! I`m off to check out your blog!


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