Tangram Math Puzzles

Today we were finishing up our unit on 2D shapes by working on Tangram puzzles. We use the Math Makes Sense program and the Grade 3 Strategies Toolkit asks students to make a square with different numbers of tans and then to try and create other shapes with various numbers of tans. I like the Strategy Toolkit problems - they really allow the students to explore - but they never give a structure for students to record their findings. This is always a big stumbling block for my grade 3's - how to organize their work and present it in a way that is understandable to anyone else!!!! (Of course their work always makes perfect sense to them). So I made up this to help them record their work. I also included mini tangrams for those students who could not draw their solution but could cut and paste it (I know contradicting my last math post - but what can I say). Here is the recording chart - maybe you can use it in your class too!

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