Telling Time - Santa Style

Our school week started out with an early Monday morning meeting to discuss the tragic events that took place at SandyHook Elementary School. We took time to remember the victims and their families in our prayers and prepare ourselves for any questions our students might have. It was great to see their smiling faces at 8:30. Even though it is a crazy week and the students are having a hard time focussing on any thing other than Chrismtas I am trying to get a little (I mean a very little) teaching in. Math is the one subject we seem to be doing the best with. We have reviewed temperature benchmarks and how to read a thermometer. We have also worked on calendar reading skills. Tomorrow we will review telling time to the nearest 5 minute mark. We will also be working on writing the time in two ways (11:15 and quarter after eleven). I am focussing on these two skills from the Grade 3 Ontario expectations - we will hit elapsed time and time to the nearest minute after the holidays! To make it a little more Christmas-y, I made these Santa clock worksheets for the students to work on after our group lesson. Maybe it is too late for you to use this year - but I thought I would share. Click here for the worksheets. In a previous post I shared the Time mini-anchor chart posters I use - check them out. Check back tomorrow for our Christmas bulletin board art!

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