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It is late Sunday afternoon and I am recovering from my daughters sleepover birthday party - in which of course very little sleeping actually took place!

So here is a very quick look at 3 books.

Last week we read this book:

This is a book I heard about through blogs (of course). It is a great book for teaching students how to narrow down their ideas in writing. Instead of writing about a whole trip to an amusement park the story focuses on 1 ride and the feelings of the poeple who ride it. It is a great illustration for students who like to add a lot of sentences to their writing but not a lot of specific detail. We used this book when looking at their paragrahps from the week before (we are using the Paragraph of the Week resource from Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6) and how they could bump up their writing this week.

This week I hope to post pics of their paragraphs - they are doing great with this resource!

In February I always focus on people who make a difference in the world and tie it in with Black History Month and just extend it from there. I book I love to use to introduce this theme is:

It tells the story of Rosa Parks from the view point of a fictional boy on the bus. It is a great starting off point for talking about standing up for what you believe in and how one small action can cause change.

This week for our Forest of Reading boook we will be reading this book:

This is the story of Ella May who finds a special wishing stone at the beach, brings it home and has her wishes come true (her friends will come over, she will get food - you know really big wishes!). Her friends all want wishing stones too and go looking but of course she tells them that none of their stones are wishing stones and she wished her friend would leave. Of course the story can not end with her beind so unkind and she totally redeems herself! This book is great since our focus value for February is kindness!! Check out the follow up worksheets here.

This is our bulletin board where we track votes:

Have a great week!

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