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It was my daughter's tenth birthday this week. I have always put up birthday decorations during the night so that when my kids wake up on their birthdays they wake up to ballons and presents etc. Last year I made the mistake of using this Pinterest post as inspiration

and now my kids expect their doorway to be decorated every year. But this year I scaled it down and this is what her doorway looked like:


When I read through the January calendar with my class and announced that Multiplication Homework Packages would be going home on Friday - they cheered, they actually cheered. A direct quote "Like the ones we did last year, awesome!". I almost started laughing. You can check out the Grade 3 Homework Package here.

Here is a freebie from the Grade 4 Homework Package.

Also look at our great classroom calendar - with calendar cards from Doodle Bugs Teaching that I love.


Inquiry math - multiplication lesson went well and we made this chart to consolidate what we had learned. The kids used all kinds of strategies to solve the problem and we were able to make the anchor based on things they actually said and showed - I was happy we covered so much.

Here is a pic of our math sharing sentence starters anchor:

You can pick up a copy of the posters for free here.


I made a banner - my first banner. I went to Michaels to buy paper to make it - couldn't find any that I liked and when I got home I saw (and bought immediately) this great pack from Ashley Hughes. I used it to create a banner that spells out Winter Writing for, you guessed it, our Winter Writing bulletin board. Then I thought I might want one that says Welcome Winter (if I ever feel like welcoming cold weather). You can check out the banner here.


Mario Snowflake - we wrote Snowflake Adventure stories and of course a couple of boys in my class did not just make snowflake people they turned theirs into Mario - in their stories the snowflake lands on a PSP and gets sucked into the game! I love how kids can take any topic and insert what they are interested in!!!

Bonus: Check out these great yoga videos - I used one this week in my class for our DPA (Daily Physical Activity). The kids really enjoyed it.

Freebie Fridays


  1. Thanks so much for the freebie - it looks great :) Your blog is SUPER cute; so glad to be a new follower.

    The Brown Bag Teacher

    1. Thanks, I hope you can use the freebie in your class!

  2. Thanks for the freebies!! I love the superhero posters!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. I love the Melonheadz design - my daughter coloured them in for me and had a blast making all different colour combinations! Hope you can use the posters in your classes.

  3. I love. LoVe. LOVE your cute blog! I am your newest follower....Thanks for posting the pic of the bday door. I am planning my little boy's bday party. I am definitely going to do that. He will like it!! His party is in two weeks and I just started planning today. Oops!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

    1. I hope the party goes well - we are having our daughter's party at the end of the month too! It is fun starting new traditions with your kids (only mine constantly remind me of all the things I am supposed to do - cause it's tradition!).
      Thanks for compliment on the blog - Megan did a great job on the design.

  4. Love your blog! Glad to be a new follower.


    1. Glad to have you, hope you always find things you can use!


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