Five for Friday

Yahoo for Friday! I hardly taught my class this week between workshops, a field trip and a PD day, but somehow it still managed to be a long week. Here we go, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

1. Nature Centre Field Trip
Every year I book our trip to the Nature Centre to snowshoe and probably 2 out every 3 years there is not enough snow!!! This year on our snowshoeing trip we went bird watching and dissected owl pellets - it was awesome. The kids loved using the binoculars, and feeding the chickadees and digging into the pellets. The best part, when our Nature Centre leader tells them they are not allowed to say, Yuck, Gross or Eeww - cause those are nature swear words. We need to say awesome and cool. I heard her say - guys no swearing - so adorable - and it works, even with the most squeamish of girls!!

2. PD Day Friday
A chance to work on report cards, organize my classroom, assess student work - or sit and talk to coworkers!!

3. Horse Back Riding Camp
We dropped our daughters off at a Girl Guide horse back riding camp and don't pick them up until Sunday at 3. Hubby is going to draft his hockey pool team (great, hockey is back) so I am all alone Saturday night - what exciting activity will I do with all my free on report cards - since I did not get enough done today!

4. Movie Monday/PJ Friday
Knowing that no matter how little I got done today I have Movie Monday at our school (fundraiser to raise money for a school in Africa) and PJ Friday to look forward to next week!

5. Acting Out Verbs
We focused on verbs this week and at the end of the day Thursday we took a few minutes to act out verbs for our classmates to guess - and boy were they creative. They loved this activity. Some of the verbs they came up with: fainting, robbing, escaping, blinking and listening. I made these verb cards up quick to continue the fun this week. Click here for a copy.


  1. My kiddos love acting out different parts of speech! Thanks for the freebie :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. Thanks for the freebie...I can't wait to try it with my thirdies. It's always nice to see a new upper grade blogger...we've got to keep up with those K-1 overachievers!! Ha Ha! I am your newest follower and I teach third grade!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles

    1. So glad you stopped by, always happy to find new blogs to check out!

  3. Your field trip sounds like so much fun. We can't go on them anymore because of budgets. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess

    1. That's too bad you can't go on trips - my kids just love them!


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