Inquiry Based Math - My Love Hate Relationship

I am not sure if I have mentioned that I am part of our school/board Junior Numeracy Network Team (or something like that - last year I was part of a Primary team - the joys of a small school and teaching across divisions!). Anyway we are working on Inquiry-Based Math lessons - and I love them and I hate them.

Love - students are totally engaged
Hate - except for the kids that have math phobia
Love - you see right away where kids are at, who gets it, who doesn`t
Hate - figuring out what to do next
Love - working with a team
Hate - how long it takes to plan 1-3 lessons!!!
Love - going into other teachers classroom to observe a lesson - seeing their room, set up, their kids levels
Hate (well not hate just kinda nervouss) - having the math team in my room to observe.

So I am sharing my not so exciting Inquiry Based Math Lesson for Multiplication - just in case it can save anyone else some time in their planning or jump start an idea. I am teaching it next Wednesday (during regular art time, boo hoo and of course having a coworker and math consultant watch!) When that is done I will hopefully be able to share the next steps that are woefully missing from this plan.

Our board strongly recomends that we start with this book, so that is where the big ideas are coming from:

It was hard coming up with an open-ended question that would be good for my low grade 3`s and challenging enough for the grade 4`s that would allow for a number of representations and tools.

I am sharing using Google Docs - hope that is a good format - I know you can`t edit it so if anyone is interested in an editable one (powerpoint) I would be happy to send it to you.

Grade 3 Inquiry

Grade 4 Inquiry

I am also sharing my Math Sharing Starters - last year my class spent alot of time just getting comfortable with talking about their math, their representations and especially questioning each other and disagreeing with someone else`s work (really my class was just too nice - they would say things like - Yeah, I think its okay that her answer is different from everyone elses - it could be that too, I like her answer!). Just click the link to pick them up at my TPT for free.


  1. I love your Inquiry task and math story talk pack. I'm going to give the multiplication task a try.


    1. Let me know how it works in your room, I'd love to hear about it.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm your newest follower :)


  3. I love these Math Superheroes! So cute!!!! I've downloaded them and I'm printing as we speak. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Collaboration Cuties


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