Multiplication City Art

I was inspired by this post from Teaching With Moxie to do something with our multiplication arrays. I also used this post at Deep Space Sparkle for inspiration. Put them both together and what do you have - multiplication cities obviously!

We started by reading this book, focusing on how the pictures showed multiplication!

Then we looked at the sample art from Deep Space Sparkle - and talked about how we could write multiplication sentences for some of the buildings but not all of them.

We came up with a success checklist for our art:

*use a ruler to create straight lines
*create a cityscape
*on each building include an array (using windows or items in a window)
*add extra details like stars or snowflakes in an array
*complete the chart describing the art using multiplication sentences

Students completed two charts - one with answers and one without - so that people could find the correct object and then check their answers on the second page.

Here are some samples of their work:

Here is a copy of the chart for you!

If you are looking for some multiplication resources check this out by clicking on the pictures:


  1. Sooooooooooo cute!!! I love Amanda Bean!! This looks great! I love it!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thanks, now I just need to find time to put them up!

  2. Love it! Will have to make sure my teaching partner with moxie sees how cute these are!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  3. That looks really good! I don't know the story but am going to see if it's in our library. I just love "Math art" :)

    Fun in the Fours

  4. LOVE, LOVE LOVE! This is going on my 'to do' list for next year! It would be great to put up for our Open House. Too bad it is tomorrow! LOL! They look great and and the arrays are "real life". Gotta go pin this! And thanks for the shout out!

    Teaching With Moxie

  5. Love this! Posted on Math Monday and on love2learn2day's Facebook page. Fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much! I just made a title for the bulletin board today - and it has been up for a week and a half!

  6. Love this activity and can't wait to use it! Thank you!

    Teaching Special Thinkers

  7. Whee! We are reading Amanda Bean tomorrow! Coincidental?

  8. What's the last column labeled "object" for on the chart?

    1. The last column was for students to reveal what the multiplication sentence is representing. I used the word object since not all of the sentences were representing buildings. We did two pages. One without the answer being revealed so that the other students had to read the sentence and find the building/object and then they could check their answers. In the last column they described the object (orange building with blue windows etc.). Hope this helps.

  9. I am teaching Math and Science this year and I look forward to presenting this Math project !


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