Flashback and Five for Friday on a Saturday!

I am posting my Flashback Friday and Five for Friday very, very late. Put as I read everyone's posts last night about their weeks I started to get motivated to share. But then a friend came over and I was even more motivated to sit and talk! So here we go, I am linking with Amanda at Teachinig Maddeness and Kasey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for their Friday linkys.

1. My daughter was selected to say her speech in front of the school - with a chance to move on to the next level. Her speech was on the messages in Dr. Seuss books. Her opening was great (if I say so myself). I will not say a speech. I will not say one on the beach. I will not say one while eating a peach. I will not, will not say a speech.....and on like that, it was so cute!

2. We put up our paragraphs of the week (yes from last week, but this is not a trend of me being behind - it has just been very busy!). They wrote about a food that they do not like and then I let them use plasticine to illustrate their food. Here is what they look like. Check out the bottom pic - those two kiddos used so much plasticine that their page has to rest on the basket. Some kids just can't resist the allure of plasticine - but what detail.

3. My students looked at their writing and gave themselves a star and a wish - the week before we used the bump it up board to talk about how to improve their writing and this week they evaluated their own work. I was so happy that they took it seriously and actually wrote meaningful and appropriate things. The one girl even circled examples for her wish. Sometimes I find it time consuming to put a star and a wish on every students work (I even made up star and wish stickers to try and help the process along) but it totally pays off when the kids use the feedback and then look at their work and think about how to improve.

4. I finished putting my non-fiction text features package together for TpT - and then I just couldn't find the time to upload it (okay maybe there is a trend this week of me being behind in my to-do list! But it is there now if you want to check it out).

5. Snow Day - our first snow day of the school year and it was fantastic!!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sale at TpT tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for following me. I am following you back. :) I have never heard of plasticine before. What is it? And you just had your first snowday?! That sounds like us last year. It was such a bummer.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. I guess other people call it modelling clay! Sorry! Thanks for follwing!

  2. I love your star and a wish idea. I find it so difficult for students to critique each other and I think this is a fabulous start. Thanks for sharing!
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach

  3. Love, love the beginning of that speech! Very clever. :) Also, love how your students can critique their own writing...maybe I'll try that will my 2nd graders later in the year.

    Teaching Maddeness


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