Five for Friday, Freebie and Favor

I am linking up with Kasey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.

1. We painted pottery, we paint pottery every March Break (and Christmas and summer!). My girls love to go to our local pottery place and spend a few hours selecting and painting pottery. Here is a sample of the painted pottery in our house (this does not include the mugs I have at school, the Christmas items or the items we have broken or the items we have given away as gifts!). Now we have 2 more pieces to pick up - an ice cream cone and a frog!

2. Watching movies that we've seen before. We watched Winnie the Pooh again (it was on t.v.) even though everyone in our family is probably to old for it (we all still love it!) I just love this explanation of a paragraph. I think I will use it next year when we start paragraph writing.

3. I read and read and read.

4. I made a spring banner to try and make the snow melt and to brighten up my class after taking down all of our winter art. I used digital papers from the totally amazing  Megan!!The pic show a sample of the designs. Click on the pic for a free copy of the banner - it spells out three phrases for sure (welcome spring, swing into spring, spring is blooming).

Picture of the banner hanging in front of a wintery sky!!!!

 5. I am looking for some help in editing and revising my linear measurement unit. If you have some time to help me out this weekend I would really, really appreciate it. Leave me a comment with your email if you are willing to help me out!


  1. I LOVE banners! Yours is so cute!
    Have a great weekend!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

    1. Thanks! I hope to enjoy my last two days of spring break!

  2. I would love to help you edit this. Email me at

    Mindful Rambles

  3. Love the banner!!! I will be downloading it for sure. I just completed some spring cleaning in my classroom and that banner will add a little extra to my newly organized classroom.

    I am loving the Winnie the Pooh video too. So fun!

    Lattes and Laughter

  4. I just found your blog through Doodle Bugs! I teach both 3rd and 4th as a combo class in Australia - I am so happy when I find 3rd and 4th great blogs! If you want an international reader, I am more than happy to help edit!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    P.S. Please send some cold weather our way!

    1. I love finding new blogs - and will check yours out right now.
      I will send you the file soon (after I am done blog stalking). Thanks so much!

  5. You know that we are happy to help anytime!

    Love the pottery and the banner!! We are in the 70s this weekend and I am sooooooo happy!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thanks and I am happy for you and your awesome weather ; )

  6. Super cute "Welcome Spring" banner! I would love to make one to hang up when the kiddos come back on Monday!!!

    Cuddle Bugs Teaching

  7. Great blog!
    I would love to help you edit!

  8. If you're still wanting help editing, I'd love to!
    Reyesremarkablerants at gmail dot com

    I LOVE your pottery, especially the turtle!! (At least, i hope its a turtle...) either way, so cute!

  9. Thank you for the spring banner freebie! That is so cute! Sounds like you had a great spring break:) LOVE the pottery!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. It looks like you had a great spring break, love the pottery.

    The First Grade Princess

  11. Thanks for the banner! I am looking forward to printing it and hanging it up for my kiddos when I get back to school. If you are still looking for editing help, I would be love to help you out. I am an Ontario teacher if you are looking for a local girl.


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