Poetry Mentor Text Linky, Freebie and a Spring Sale

I am so excited to be linking up with Amanda and Stacia, the two amazing ladies from Collaboration Cuties for their new linky. Each week people will be linking up to share their favorite mentor texts and how they use them in their class. Finding new books is one of my favorite things!! Be sure to head over to their blog to get some amazing ideas.

Since it is just about April and April for many teachers is poetry month I thought I would share some of my favorite poetry books. I love, sorry I mean LOVE the 4 season poetry books by Douglas Florian. There is Handsprings, Autumnblings, Winter Eyes and Summersaults.

There are a wide variety of poem types in each book but my favorite are the " What I Love About.." and "What I Hate  About..." poems.  There is one of each poem for each season. These are great list poems that demonstrate for kids that poems be simple and descriptive.

My students are always able to generate a lot of ideas for these poems so I usually use them as our first attempt at writing poetry. I like that there is a book for each season so we can re-visit the poems throughout the year. I have my students aim for a list poem with at least 10 lines. I have included a graphic organiser, working copy and good copy page for you to use with your students. Click here to grab a free copy.

Also today and tomorrow are great days to head over to TpT and do some shopping, tons of stores are having sales (I know I will be picking up a few  - or a few too many -things).  I am throwing a 20% off sale on everything in my little store. Click here to head on over.

Super cute graphic by the super talented Krista.

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  1. Yay!! Our first link up!! Thank you thank you thank you!! :O)

    I have not heard of any of these books!! They look fun! (I don't even know if I realized that April was poetry month! gasp!) I will have to check these books out!

    Thank you for the freebie and thanks for linking up! You are the best!!

    Collaboration Cuties

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  3. I love Douglas Florian! He adds a whole new element to poetry--I loved using his books when I taught my 3rd graders how to write non-fiction free verse poems! They had such a good time reading Florian's poems and then writing their own :) Thank you for the organizers!

    teaching,life,and everything in between

    sorry about the deleted comment--my linkback wasn't working

  4. Thank you for this post! I have Winter Eyes, but I have never looked into other books by Florian. How nice that there is one for each season. I will be adding the others to our classroom library! Just found your blog and have become a follower... I have enjoyed reading your other posts as well and will be back often. All the best!

    1. So glad you stopped by. You definitely should check out his other books - Autumnblings is my favorite.

  5. I love how these poetry books have one for each season! We studied poetry in the fall but need to revisit it again:) Thank you for the freebie!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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