Earth Day (Week!) Freebies

Today is the first day of Earth Week at my school. We are kicking it off with an assembly followed up by loads of activities like litterless lunches, lights out lunch hours, school yard clean up....

Today's assembly will be in the middle of my math class so I needed something that goes with Earth Day but would also be math! I made up 12 math review cards - I will place them around the room, students (in partners) will find a card and record their answer. Since it is Earth Week we are recording our answers on our white boards. You could use paper from the recycling bin, or put the recording sheets in a page protector or even have all the students record their answers on one large piece of chart paper divided into grid squares. Click on the picture to get a free copy.

My class loves this type of activity so I decided to do a word study one too. Click on the picture to get a free copy.

While I was playing around I thought why not do our word study words for this week with a fun picture background using clip art from Krista Walden. Click on the picture to get a free copy.

Head over to Classroom Freebies - I am sure there are tons of Earth Day freebies to be found!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Thanks for sharing these! They are great, and my kiddos love task cards.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Love these! Thank you! I was able to download the word study one ~ but not the math one? Thanks again for the freebies!


    1. Thanks for letting me know - I fixed the link!

    2. Thank you! So excited to have the kids use these!

  3. Thanks so much! I feel bad because I'm at a conference through today and forgot all about Earth Day until I had already left sub plans. I'm definitely going to print out the word study ones.

    Literacy Spark


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