Tried it Tuesday and a Little Optimum Organization

Happy Tuesday! I am linking up with some amazing bloggers today to share some ideas for planning for substitute teachers.

First up is Holly and her Tried it Tuesday linky.

I am away from school tomorrow. I saved one of my personal days for the whole year so I could go on my daughter's grade 4 field trip. Am I crazy or what. Instead of spending the day with my own grade 4's I will be on a bus for 1.5 hours each way with 26 other grade 4's!!

Anyway, getting to the tried it part. I am trying Erin at I'm Lovin Lit's "A Zoo Day". It is a complete unit that will last one school day. I am using the math, language and science activities. There are also instructions for making a lapbook but we are just going to make a folder. I love how clear the instructions are, I love that it is a complete day of work and that my students will be super engaged by the activities. I love that it made my day super easy to plan. This unit is perfect for this time of year and if I wasn't going to be away I might have just used it myself for an easy day of planning.

This is a the link to this product in her TpT store if you want to check it out.
Next I am linking up with Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files and Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B for their Optimum Organization linky.

I got this idea from a blog (can't remember which one, so sorry) and I loved it and thought I would share it for this linky. It is a handy dandy sub tub.

I bought a rubbermaid container and made this little label for it (using paper and a fram from Erin at I'm Lovin Lit's Seller's Toolkit Bundle)

Inside the tub go any class sets of worksheets that I photocopied but did not get to use. I paper clip them together, label the subject and the time.

This tub is for emergencies, days when I am late due to weather or traffic accidents (I have a 45 minute drive and stuff happens), days when I can't get plans in (hasn't happened yet, fingers crossed) or when I am teaching things I don't want to leave for the supply and need stand alone activities. It also works out great because then I don't feel bad about wasting paper by having made copies that I didn't use.

While reading Kristen's post on getting rid of resources I was inspired to go through some of my resources and get rid of ones that I never even look at anymore. Only I came across a few, that while I don't use them are perfect for generic emergency activities. So I kept a few of those resources and threw them in the tub as well (only a few honest, I recycled tons more!).

Be sure to check out both of these linky parties for some amazing ideas.


  1. Great idea! I am definitely going to make a sub tub. In fact, I am going to suggest that everyone in my grade create one. So convenient for everyone!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Love, love, love. :D Thanks sista!

  3. A sub tub is on my list for the summer as well. I already have a basket with extra copies that a sub could use, so I'll just be transferring those over to my tub!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  4. The sub tub is a great idea. I really need to put one together. I have my back-up plans in a binder that any sub could do-but I love the idea of having extra activities already ready for them when there is extra down time.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. I hope you have a great time on your daughter's field trip!

    room 4 imagination

  6. I love the sub tub idea!! Oh, and I NEED to go through so many resources I have on my shelves too that I never use. I am such a hoarder and think that I will use it someday! Have a great time on your daughter's field trip! I am using my first personal day of the year on the 18th for my Kindergartner's field trip to the zoo:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  7. I love the sub tub idea! I've had a huge binder for years, but the tub seems so much better. Thanks for linking up with us :)
    Fun in Room 4B


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