Favourite Pins Friday

Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade is hosting the best summer Friday linky ever!!
Now, I do not mind spending a few minutes hours window shopping on Pinterest but this linky is like "The Best of Pinterest" brought to you by other teachers, what is better than that?

This totally sums up how I feel when I look through the posts for this linky...

This week I am highlighting my favourite things to pin!
One of my favourite things on Pinterest are the anchor charts - I know, sad but true! I am always blown away by the artistry and creativity of other teachers. But it is the ones that I know will be helpful to my students and that I could actually recreate that I love the most. Here is an anchor chart from 3rd Grade Thoughts.

 Here is one that I just look at and wish for more skill with a marker...

 It is from 2nd Grade Smarty-Arties and she has loads of them!!!
My next favourite use of Pinterest is for art ideas. I checked, I have 205 pins on my Craft and Art board, the only one with more is the Classroom ideas board - and that one probably has some art ideas in it too!
This one is from Tart - Teaching Art with Attitude. If you check out my Craft and Art board I also have a small problem with cityscapes!! This is also the board that I actually use most of what I pin (as opposed to my For the Home board - pure fantasy).
 This is one that I used last year, it is from ARTipelago.
And finally, my last Pinterest addiction, someecards! I don't literally LOL often when online, but when I do, it is because of someecards! This is my new favourite.
 I also love this shirt, one of the few BTS items that didn't make me feel like we are being rushed through summer. It is from Skreened.
I am also loving that I have 500+ followers on bloglovin, so I am working hard to organize a giveaway. If you want to donate something, head on over and fill out this Google form. Thanks!!


  1. Loving the shirt! Had to add it to my funny teacher t-shirt board!
    The ARM anchor chart is great!

  2. Now I'm pinning while I'm blogging! I love the ARMS anchor chart! Congrats on 500+!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Ohhh how I wish I was artistic enough to make an anchor chart as cute as the ones I find on Pinterest!

  4. Love all your pins! Pinning them all! :O)I feel like I always write crooked on charts! haha
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. I love your pins!!! I got out if making anchor charts this year due to technology but its my goal to make some pin worthy anchor charts this year! ;0)

    Love the shirt- shhhhhhh, that song may (or may not) be my ring tone. Ahem. Maybe.

    Love ya pindred spirit!
    Collaboration Cuties
    PS- you spelled favorite wrong. Haha, just kidding! We wouldn't be BBBs if we didn't pick at each other, right? ;0). I'll be toting you with me tomorrow!

  6. Leaving a blogpost comment, but I don't think I'm doing it correctly....I am in my classroom setting up. Our SuperWeek of PD begins on Aug. 26th.


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