Time Travel Tuesday

See, this linky is working already - it is supposed to be Wednesday but I am going to act like it is Tuesday so I can link up with Jess at I Heart Recess.

We are supposed to post a picture of ourselves in the grade we are currently teaching and then answer a few questions - but I am cheating a bit and posting a pic from Grade 6 (sorry, the pictures that I have are not labelled and the rest of my school pictures are in my parent's house 3 hours away!)

Plus, I love the turned up collar, so very 80's and I loved growing up in the 80's!!!
Grade:  6th Grade
Year: 1983-1984
School: St. Anthony
Teacher: I can't remember and I feel so bad....
Favorites: Tight jeans, leg warmers, The Outsiders and all books by S.E. Hinton, Rob Lowe, Prince and MICHAEL JACKSON
These are the posters I had in my room:

Memories:  This was our last year at this school before it closed down and there were only 3 girls in Grade 6. We were taught  how to play chess. Don't go between the portables at recess during the winter if you don't want to be body slammed onto the ice.

Thanks Jess for hosting this trip down memory lane!!

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  1. LOVED the Outsiders! Thanks for linking up and joining in on the fun!


  2. Rob Lowe is killing me...that is awsome--and he hardly looks like he's aged a day since then.
    I can remember tight rolling jeans at the bottom, not really the tight jeans.

    I couldn't remember my teacher either...and then I become one, go figure.

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  3. I also LOVED Rob Lowe! I saw every movie he was ever in - even the not so great ones. Wow!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. LOVE IT!!! But no Duran Duran? I think that we are about the same age...I have some of the same memories.


  5. What about those leg warmers??!! I remember those! I had the same Michael Jackson poster! I'm glad you have a 6th grade picture, I may have to do the same if I can't find mine! We will look like mature 4th graders! haha
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  6. I am slightly younger, but I have to say that the 80s were the best! :)

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