Tried it Tuesday - An Organizing Tried it for Websites

Okay I am typing really fast so that I can get this post in and have it actually be on the right day! I was reading blogs this morning (cup of coffee and a little blog read - great way to start the day) and way happy to see that Holly at Fourth Grade Flippper  has brought back her awesome linky....

I am not back to school yet (sorry for typing that out loud for all of you that are!) and I was, WAS still working on projects and getting things done. Then we went away for the weekend and I seem to have lost my ability to accomplish anything - to even come up with a list. I think I relaxed too far!

Here is the very last part of our weekend - one of our favorite activities - walking in the river.

Okay, onto something I did try. This summer (back when I was motivated) I tried LiveBinders. I had read about this website more than once and I think I even read about it in a Tried it Tuesday post. It was this post at Technology Tailgate and video tutorial that really hooked me!

If you have not heard of LiveBinders it is basically a fantastic way to organize websites and ideas you want to use. I know, you are thinking that is what favorites and Pinterest are for. I thought that too. But often I forget what I have pinned or forget to check my favorites.

This system lets me drop in website URL's  into binders that I have created. In each binder there are dividers or tabs and then there are sub-tabs. It is an organizational dream!

It is super easy to set up and use. You can even add a little tool to your tool bar (like the Pin It bookmarklet) to quickly add websites that you find to a binder.

Here are a few pics of my binders so far (remember I just started :) )

 have binders for language, math, art, social studies, blogging, technology for the classroom and Interactive Notebooks so far. I save websites with great information to reference, tools I want to use, things I want to print at school :)  I love that I can make more and more tabs and add sub-tabs to those ones. Now I won't be looking through all of my math pins but can go to the actual strand I am working on and I get more than a little picture to remind me what it is I wanted to remember the site for anyways - the whole site comes up!

I also like the idea of setting up a LiveBinder for my class and dropping in websites that I want my  students to use since you can make your binders private or public.


  1. Okay, I think you have me convinced to try this! I love that you can make it private or public too. Thanks so much for sharing! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    Love the pictures of your family. It looks like you had such a relaxing time!

  2. Question about LiveBinders: I have one and have had some people share them. When I put them on my shelf and someone adds something new to their binder, does it automatically update each time? I worry I'm going to miss something, but haven't taken the time to dig deeper to find the answer. Do you know by chance?
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I like Evernote for organization. You can create a notebook for each item; it's web-based so you can access all your items from anywhere. You can organize websites, add attachments for handouts, etc. It's kind of a one-stop shop for organization. You might like it, too.

    1. I just found a binder about Evernote on LiveBinders :)
      Thanks for letting me know about this too!

  4. I had never heard about LiveBinders... Sounds great. Going to check it out. Thanks!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. I have never heard of LiveBinders but I do think that I will have to go take a look! Thank you

  6. I love Livebinders too! It's a great way to organize info for students and for teachers!! :O)

    It looks like y'all had fun! :O)

  7. Thank you for posting this. I checked out the tutorial. I think this looks great, and I'm excited to try it!


  8. Hmm, I like the look of this! Thanks for the tip; I think the Binder looks like a better way to organize for Pinterest for most school things, though you can't beat Pinterest for cute classroom ideas!


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