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Well it is official. I have reached the point in summer when I realize I have more things on my to-do list than I can possibly accomplish and I still want to enjoy these summer days with my family! It happens every year so I should not be suprised. Today was my first day back in my classroom to do prep and I came home cranky and hot and tired - my husband said "Really, after just one day" and I said "YES!".

I am going to apologize now if I am not around here as much as I would like to be - I will get back into the swing of things but it may take me a week or two. You can always check me out on Instagram for pictures of the projects I am managing to accomplish :)

Okay, on to the point of today's post. Sharing information on how I start up Reading Workshop and of course to link up with the truly amazing blogger, Jivey for Workshop Wednesday.

I love books. I love reading. I know you are shocked to hear this, imagine that, an elementary teacher that loves books and reading, gasp! Okay, well how about this, I do not like buying books!!! Sure there are some books that I feel I really must own. But there are so many great mentor texts out there, sometimes in hardcover, and I just can't buy them all. But I love books. So what do I do? I use the public library. Like I use it so much they all know me by name and if one of my personal books or school library books makes it into the book return by accident they know to put it aside for me. I am like Norm from Cheers, but at the library!

When launching Reading Workshop there is a list of books I like to use every year and here is what I do. I log onto the library website, log in to my account and start a list. I put all of the books I want for launching reading workshop on it. Then two weeks before I need them (today!) I put in a request for all of the books that I want. They all show up at my local branch, I pick them up and smile. Now, I have bought some books, ones that after using for a few years I realize I really want to own, or I find on sale or in the Scholastic book orders.

Here are some of the books is use when launching reading workshop.

This website is a great place to find books and ideas for launching reading workshop

and of course there is Jessica Meacham's reading units too.


  1. The library (public & school)is a great resource. Without a doubt, I would be flat broke if I purchased every titled that I "needed".


  2. Wow! Those two websites look great - I didn't know about them. I'm a little envious that you can get into your room even though it was sooo hot today. We can't get in to our school at all this week (or last week). This week is the time that many of us like to go - so we went to East Side Mario's for lunch instead. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Thanks sharing about your Reader's Workshop!! I have some of the books you listed, but can get the others through the school library and public library! Our entire district is going to the Reader's Workshop this year, and while I've done something very similar, it has not been the whole workshop. I'm a little nervous, mostly about the assessment piece. We still have to have grades, and yet I'm not sure how that works with Reader's Workshop! The websites you gave look like they will be really helpful! Thanks again!

  4. These books are great ones! I love new books. I don't like the buying part because of the money spent, but I love the delivery part. And the labeling with my name part. :) Thanks for linking up!!! :)
    ideas by jivey
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