Elf Bucks (Freebie)

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope that everyone that was celebrating Thanksgiving this week had a fabulous time with their family and friends.

I wanted to do a quick update to my post on how I use the Elf Task cards. (check out that post for a free copy of the task cards)

In that post I mentioned that I would be giving my students Elf bucks/money for good behavior and that is the money they would use at the class store to buy a gift for their secret elf pal and for themselves. Here is what the Elf money looks like. Click on the image to pick up a copy if you would like to use it in your classroom too.


I photocopied it onto lovely green paper. Each student will have an envelope in their desk to collect their money. I tell my students to put their initials on their money when they get it just in case there is any mix ups.

That's it a quick little update. Hope you have a great weekend. If you are planning to shop the TpT sale on Monday and Tuesday (using the code cyber for additional savings) you may want to check out my Elves' Workshop activities to go with your secret elf pal tasks and money. Click on the picture to check them out.





  1. What an adorable idea!! LOVE! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I still think the elf stuff you have created is the cutest out there! Thanks for the elf bucks! I am going to use these for sure. I'll do anything to make the next three weeks run smoothly!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Love it! Gonna use these with my Elf on the Shelf that I'll be doing....THANKS!!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  4. Thanks for sharing the details on this post. I really love this idea!


  5. Thank you for the adorable elf money. My students and I are excited to use it in our class. I have been using Class Dojo, but we are switching things up a bit. For every five points they earn they get a dollar. We will do this for the next three weeks. On the Friday before our winter break they will be able to buy some things from our Elf Store (I don't usually ever give them prizes) for family gifts. I am getting family and friends to donate delight little treasures to be used as merchandise. After all, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Thanks for the great idea.


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