Mentor Text - Who Would Win and Non-Fiction Interactive Reports

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This week's theme is science mentor texts. You may remember that I am not teaching science this year BUT my students did work on some pretty fun non-fiction reports that I wanted to share with you.

Our reports were based on the awesome series of books by Jerry Pallotta, "Who Would Win"

This is a great non-fiction series of books that compare two animals in a variety of categories. The illustrations are great, the way the information is presented is easy for students to understand, the animal pairings are engaging and the teaching possibilities are endless. When I brought the books home to do my planning my own children (ages 10 and 12) could not stop reading them.

You could use these books for making predictions, activating prior knowledge, non-fiction text features, citing evidence from the text and making conclusions. Deanna Jump has a cute freebie for these books here.

I used them as a jumping off point for writing our own Animal vs. Animal books. First students read one of the books with a partner and collected 3 facts. Then students were given a tablet and QR code with their challenge - to write their own book that would include interactive elements.

Next we recorded the categories animals were compared by and then students used this information to complete a project planner.

Students were asked to select two somewhat similar animals to compare and at least 3 categories for comparing them. They were also asked to find 3 facts for each animal in each category. We used sticky notes in two colors to organize our facts for each animal in each category. This system worked out perfectly in our classroom!! Student took their facts and created side by side information pages for each category.

But the really fun part was that on each page they needed to have a QR code that linked to a video, fact page on the internet or their own fact/riddle. My students loved creating their own QR codes. They have been in love with these codes ever since I started using Kristen's products (a huge thank you to Kristen for introducing me to QR codes and answering all of my silly and repetitive questions!!). On each page they also needed to include a picture or a interactive folding element. I used 2 templates from Erin's Interactive Template Bundle (again, a super huge thank you to Erin for helping me get started with and comfortable using these templates in my classroom and allowing to use them in my product!!).

Here are some pictures!!

 Of course many of my students selected warm, cute and cuddly animals, so their Who Would Win pages often related to a contest for the cutest animal!!

If you are interested in picking up a copy of my templates for this project they are at my TPT store and include a PDF and a PPT version. Just click on the picture below.


  1. I've never hear of this series, but it looks awesome! I bet the kids love them-great high interest non-fiction reading material! Your students' projects look AMAZING! How long did they work on this? Was it a designated time each day or homework? Fantastic way to integrate writing, science, reading, research, technology, organization, so many skills!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. My kids love these books! They are always showing them to me! I love how you turned into a project they could do! Love this idea!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. Oh my gosh, how awesome is this?? These are great mentor texts and I LOVE that your students are creating their own QR Codes! What a great idea!!!!! Love love love!!! I'm sorry I'm commenting so late!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!!


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