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So, today we spring forward an hour, which can be hard to take, but I am going with the idea that it is getting us closer to Spring so I will take it!

I am linking up with my friends Amanda and Stacia over at Collaboration Cuties for their linky....


I have already read Amanda's post and I am so excited to have a new book to find and use for fractions (as you may know, my least favourite math subject to teach).

I am linking up with a book and idea that I know Amanda has already shared but.......sometimes you need to see it twice before you remember you want to try it (yes, that is what I am going with, not the fact that I do not have an original book and idea to share!).

The book is....

Here is a description from Goodreads (spoiler alert : ) !)

Hup, two, three, four! We're in the 25th Army Corps. Queen's count! Two, three! We are the marching infantry! Poor Joe! He wants to march in the parade, but every time the lines are uneven, he must stand aside. What's a poor bug to do? Joe is determined. He studies the problem, relining the twenty-five bugs in his squadron from two lines to three lines to four lines, until inspiration and fortitude result in five lines of five -- and Joe fits in the last

Before starting the book I had each student collect 25 colour tiles and bring them to the carpet. Each time the bugs were lining up in rows I had my students model the math with their colour tiles and I recorded the corresponding math fact on my white board.

Then as a follow up I gave them sheets of Minions. I made a couple of different pages with different amounts of Minions to differentiate the activity, but all of the numbers could not be put in equal groups (17, 23, 41 etc.). I made the Minions in Publisher just using shapes - nothing fancy.

Here is the finished product.


I used Minions because we had just watched Despicable Me over a few lunch hours since we were stuck inside for recess due to extreme cold!

I also found this lesson plan from Marilyn Burns online and this great teaching resource too.


  1. I'm glad my post was helpful, and I agree, sometimes we need to see it more than once! Your idea with the minions is adorable! I love minions! Be-doe be-doe be-doe!! Thanks for linking up! You're one in a minion!!

  2. Aren't you just brilliant! I am sure the kids absolutely loved this. I love this because you added in the minions. They are just so fun and they make everyone smile. I do not do well with this time change...AT ALL!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Eeeeek! I love minions. LOVE LOVE them. :) And I love this idea!!! Hmmmmm maybe I can make something for a review with minions......... :o)


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