The Lion's Share - Math Mentor Text and a Sneak Peek!!

Happy Sunday!! I am popping in to share a math mentor text with you that I will be using this week. I am also linking up with the lovely ladies over at Collaboration Cuties for their wonderful linky....

The book I am sharing with you is...

Here is the description from the author's website:

When the ant receives a special invitation to dine with the lion, she is ready to be on her best behavior. During desert, the other guests do not mind their manners, each one taking half the remaining cake as it is passed around. By the time it reaches the ant, barely a crumb is left for her to share with the King. What to do?
She offers to make up for it by baking another cake, this one just for the King. Not to be outdone, all the other animals in turn offer to bake twice as many cakes as the next. As it turns out, this is not a particularly good idea.
Anyone in the market for a book about math, dessert, obnoxious animals, and the wisdom of knowing when you have enough will not be disappointed. As for everyone else? Let them eat cake.

Now this book can be used for many math concepts - multiplication, division, ratios and on and on.

You can check out some other math ideas shared by the author here and some lesson ideas here.

Here is how I am using this book this week. First of all on Friday my class worked on activating our prior knowledge of fractions. We made this anchor chart together.

We discussed their answers as we went. We decided that the most important information was that a fraction was taking an object or set and dividing it into equal groups - with equal being the most important word.

We also reviewed the names of fraction parts and how to read fractions based on their sticky notes with fractions and pictures.

Next student used pre-cut rectangles to model the fractions listed on the chart above.

Then students cut circles with a tracer and modelled the fractions again.

Then we put their fractions up that were models for halves. I checked them and only a few were not good models since they were not truly in half (really bad folding!).

Then we moved on to thirds. When checking the thirds we had to remove a lot since they were not actually in thirds, especially the circles!! Here is what we were left with.

Next students had to partner up and check each others fourths - then sign them to say they agreed that it was an accurate model of fourths.

Tomorrow we will continue checking our models and putting them up as anchors.

Then we will discuss: which models were harder to make (thirds and fifths), what happens to the size of the pieces as the bottom number increases (decrease) and strategies for folding or modeling numbers.

Then I will read the book. As I read students will be folding a piece of paper (8.5 x 14) and labeling the pieces to math the action in the story (only not up to 1/128).

I am not sure if we will keep track of the doubling from the second half of the book as I am really trying to focus on fractions (since I have about 5 bazillion math lessons to get through by the end of the month!!) but you totally could : )

Okay, well I hope you will check this book out - there is really a lot of great math you could do with it - as well as the theme of sharing and being greedy and so on and so on : )

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  1. I have never seen this book! How cute! I love how you used it in your room as well! Thanks so much for linking it up!! Another book I'll have to get!
    Have a great week!


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