Cootie Catchers and Silent Ball - Sparking Student Motivation

Happy Saturday!! It is a gorgeous day here and I think I may have to spend most of it reading the final chapter for my math course and writing report cards. I may have to just work outside and supervise the planting of our gardens : )

So, as my favourite past time is procrastination I am going to take a few minutes to link up with my friend Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching for her inspiring linky....

This week was our week of testing for my grade 3 students and the continuation of our ABC countdown. Monday was C for Catch Day!

What did we do for catch day you may ask, well, first we made cootie catchers. I just use a free template I found online (I use this one since it is editable for times I want to add text or I can make it blank and it has instructions). I have made cootie catchers to review math skills and vocabulary before - which is a fun, motivating way to review, but these were just for fun at the end of a long day!

Students used colours and numbers for the first two layers and on the bottom they wrote nice messages - You rock, You are an awesome friend, You are totally cool - so that at the end of the cootie catcher they were giving each other positive messages (and me too of course!)
Yes that says your not you're - I am a fabulous teacher! No she does not count to 1000 - she did 1, 0, 0, 0 ugh, not the best sample for a picture : )

We also played Silent Ball. This game is the best invention ever! Here is a link to instructions to the game if you have not played before. Basically students stand or sit on their desks in a circle like or open formation and throw a soft nerf like ball to each other (you may call it a gator or elephant skin ball). But they must be silent!! It is glorious. The other number one rule - the teacher is the only referee - you call what is a noise, what is a bad pass and what is a miss. My students love it and ask everyday if we can play.

We also had F is for Field Trip day this week (that just worked out - otherwise it would have been F is for Film day).

We went to a Medieval Festival - we move around to 6 different stations learning about life in Medieval times and they put on a little "tournament" as well. It is a great day - here we are learning about birds of prey in the "Sherwood Forest". By far my favourite presentation - that Great Horned Owl was stunning!!

Next week is a crazy week around here - first and foremost it is Dance Recital week - and all you dance parents know what that means. Plus I need to finish up reports, finish my course, help my daughter start her paper route and apparently still plan and teach my students. If you don't hear from me for a few days you know why : )      I will try to post pics on Instagram or FB of what is happening around here (plus I have a math lesson I really want to share...)

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. My kids LOVE those cootie catchers, too! Love your new blog design! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your summer!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  2. Cootie catchers would be so much fun (and easy for me!). Win/win! I think my class could get about two throws in Silent Ball before the game would be over! Three more days, three more days, three...

  3. Wow! You've had a busy week and you're going to have another one! My daughter took the year off of dance this year and I really missed it, but during the recital week, not so much! Good luck to your girls! We play Silent Speedball too, and yes, very nice for the teacher! Except I make one of my students be the ref so I can get stuff cleaned up! :) Thanks for sharing and linking up BBB!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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