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Hello, happy Sunday. I have not had much of a chance to blog since Megan worked her magic and redesigned my blog for me. This is my second time working with Megan - and both times were a dream. If you are thinking of starting a blog or changing the look of yours I highly recommend Megan.

You may have noticed I changed the name of this little blog - since I am not 100% sure of my teaching assignment at my new school and it may change for the next few years I thought it would be wise to change it to reflect that I am not just looking from third to fourth (in fact right now I have no idea what I am looking at for September - can we say stress).

You may also have noticed the new pages at the top (and if you clicked on them you would see they were blank.....I am getting there). Actually they are not all blank anymore. Last night I updated the Books page with links to all of the posts I have written with book recommendations. There are almost 50 posts - yikes. I also hope to add pictures and links to books that I use in my class even if I did not write a post about them. I think it will be a great way to keep myself organized and remember what books I used and for what and maybe give you some ideas too.

Most of the book recommendations are part of the fabulous linky party hosted each week by the equally fabulous Collaboration Cuties.

This week's theme is Social Studies. The book I am recommending is...

Here is what Amazon has to say:

In this picture book biography, award-winning author and illustrator Kadir Nelson tells the story of Mandela, a global icon, in poignant free verse and glorious illustrations. It is the story of a young boy's determination to change South Africa, and of the struggles of a man who eventually became the president of his country by believing in equality for all people, no matter the color of their skin. Readers will be inspired by Mandela's triumph and his lifelong quest to create a more just world.
An author's note at the back retells the story of Mandela's fight against apartheid in simple prose, and takes the story further, including Mandela's Nobel Peace Prize. A short bibliography lists additional sources for readers who want to find out more.
This Coretta Scott King Honor Book supports the Common Core State Standards.

This book is beautiful - the paintings are amazing. Here are some examples.

It is also the incredible example of how one person can change the world. It is a great starting off point for discussions on social justice, discrimination, prejudice and admirable character traits and could also be used to create a timeline of change.

If you wanted students to learn more about South Africa and Nelson Mandela these are two good places to start:

Both Newsela and ReadWorks have articles on Nelson Mandela as well, if you use those resources.

I know teaching about social justice and prejudice are huge topics - here is a website that has some great ideas:

Since at the beginning of this post I was talking about previous book posts I thought I would share a little snip of my first ever link up with this linky! Look how cute the button was...

I am so excited to be linking up with Amanda and Stacia, the two amazing ladies from Collaboration Cuties for their new linky. Each week people will be linking up to share their favorite mentor texts and how they use them in their class. Finding new books is one of my favorite things!! Be sure to head over to their blog to get some amazing ideas.

Wow, a lot of book recommendations have been shared since this linky first started. I can not tell you all of the amazing books I have found through reading these posts. Be sure to check this week's (and previous weeks too) links, you are sure to find amazing books to use in your classroom. Thank you ladies for hosting each week : )  It is an amazing party!!!


  1. Fabulous choice. The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. What a beautifullllll new blog design - I love it, friend!

    And this book looks awesome - the illustrations are wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. Love, love, love your new blog design!! Nelson Mandela is an amazing man. Thanks so much for sharing these resources. I hope your questions about next year are answered soon. I will hold good thoughts for you! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Awwww! Thank you AMC for your support and love!! It really means a lot and you are making me think twice about ending this linky!!! It's just that so few people link up anymore! I'll have to think on it. You are too sweet though!

    This looks like an amazing book! I will have to check it out! I feel like I am just throwing stuff at the kids at the end of the year, but if I work on my character ed that I've been thinking about, I can use this book. Thank you for the recommendation!!

    As always, thanks for linking up my friend!!
    Collaboration Cuties


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