Monday Made It - Prepping for the New Classroom {Freebie}

Happy Monday!! I can not believe two weeks of my summer vacation have gone by already! We have had some good times as a family but I have also been overwhelmed by my online course! So I apologize that I have not been around much. I do have some things to share with you today that I have been making for my new classroom. There is also a freebie at the end that you might like : )

I am linking up again this week with Tara the blogger behind 4th Grade Frolics and this wonderful linky....

Here we go : )

Okay, I am starting off easy here. These are labels that I purchased on TPT from AmyGroesbeck. I love them!! They are so bright and I love the clipart. I considered making my own but why bother when these are so perfect and the file is editable so you can print what you need and they will be easy enough to re-create for ones that I need (I have ocean animal counters, not teddy bear and Canadian Money). I printed and cut and they are ready to be taped to my bins. I am not going to laminate since I will be covering them with packing tape.

Be sure to check out her store - she had adorable classroom job and agenda items too!!

This next one is a Made It based on this awesome post and product from Learning in Wonderland.
She shared her idea of headers, scrapbook paper and page protectors as a way to post learning goals in the classroom. I loved it! I love her headers (you can click here to see them on TPT) and was just about to buy them (cause they are a great price!) when I decided that I am THAT anal and I needed my math to be all blue. Sigh. So I made some headers, printed, laminated, got scrapbook paper out and page protectors and voila - learning goals are ready to post. I love how my reading and writing goal pages will look in these. I also made math goal pages {freebie sample} that match these but will need to revamp all of them for my new curriculum. In taking the picture I realized I still need to make a word study goal!!!

This next one is 100% mine - woohoo. I made a chart and backpack labels for how my students get to and from school. As you might now I am moving from a very small school (two busses, 5 walkers and some parent pick ups) to a bigger school (5 busses so far) and a younger grade (3/4 to 1/2) so I needed a way to organize and keep track of students and how they will be getting home.

My plan is to print student names onto the charts and hang them by more door using ribbon. You could also use clothespins with student names to show how they are getting home. Clothespins would work well if you have students that go home different ways on different days.

I will also be affixing this label to their backpack. My plan is to use tie wraps and attach them to the handle. I will print the student names on the label, laminate (for weather) and attach.

So I made a set that matched this here blog - since I love my blog....but then I realized that most things I have bought and made have bright colours so I made a second pack.

You can check them out in my TPT store here and here.

Lastly I made new numbers to go around my clock (I hope since I have yet to see inside my room!!). Again I went with bright colours. Click here to pick up a free copy.

On a personal note I made it one week without coffee!! On December 31st, 2013 I gave up Pepsi (my most favourite drink in the whole world!!) and all related pop/soda beverages. It has been hard, really hard. Last Sunday I decided to give up coffee (double, double) as well. I am not the healthiest of eaters and I am trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle but can only do it in small manageable tasks. So far - no pop, whole wheat bread and pasta and now no coffee. Yesterday was Soooo HARD. I got up early to work on my course and wanted a cup of coffee to make it seem a little better. But cold turkey is the only way I can go, otherwise it is a slippery slope right back to one or two a day.


  1. Thanks for the clock freebie! I had a different one to go around my clock but they were way too big and not in cute colors like yours!

  2. Your classroom is going to look so cute!! I'm sure your new school will give you a clock. :) Good job on giving up Pepsi and now coffee. Small steps are sure easier than big ones!

  3. I love your learning goals headers because they match our Ontario terminology. Any chance you will be putting them into your TpT store? BTW math should be blue to match our curriculum document :-)

  4. I still have you beat...I'm one day ahead of you for giving up soda...except my poision was Diet Coke and yours is Pepsi. I would love to give up green tea now, but I'm pretty sure it would be unsafe for other human beings to be anywhere around me....ever! Loving all your Made Its this week. I can't wait, wait, wait to see your new space! I hope you survive this week with your course, no coffee, and nobody gets locked in the basement! :) XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I'm trying to give up coke, but it is hard! My biggest problem is when we go out to eat, I have a really hard time ordering water. It would be so much healthier and better for my pocketbook too, I just don't really like water. If I can quit drinking coke, the next hurdle will be even harder...very sweet tea. Good luck on your quest to eating healthier!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  6. I love your objectives! Good luck on your healthy eating! I'm trying to do that too!

    Swinging for Success
    Follow me on Facebook!

  7. Thank you for the clock numbers...they work perfectly with my color scheme. Good luck with no coffee. I have never been a soda drinker, but I do love my morning coffee.
    The Traveling Teacher

  8. Good for you giving up that soda! I gave it up exactly one year ago, and believe it or not I don't miss it. I allow myself an occasional soda if I order fast food and soda comes with it, but that's all. Surprisingly, it doesn't set me back into a downward spiral. I don't drink coffee, but I do drink caffeinated Crystal Light. I HAVE to. Will never give caffeine up. But you're right abut baby steps. I, too, need to give up other vices, but I can't do all of them at once. Too overwhelming. Right now I'm working on giving up sweets. It's not working out at all, but I keep trying. : )
    Good luck to you on your healthy eating!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  9. I love your learning goal headers! Will you be putting those up as freebies or to buy on your TPT store?

    1. Sorry I do not have them for sale - did you check out the Learning in Wonderland ones?

    2. I did, but I really liked the look of yours!

  10. Thank goodness I started following you on FB. I saw this post earlier today and wanted to print the clock numbers, but when I finally got back to it, I couldn't remember whose blog they were on! They go along great with my color scheme. Thanks for the freebie!

    1. I hate when that happens - often times I pin as I read to try and keep track : ) Glad you found me again!

  11. Thanks for all the great ideas!! Love the clock numbers!!

  12. You have accomplished so much! I like the objectives and sharing the cool switch out way you picked up from another. Thanks for your hard work and good luck on the no coffee.

  13. Thank you for the clock label freebies. I have been looking for some cute ones and these are perfect

  14. Love all your cute classroom decor! I can't wait to see it hanging in your new room! Bravo on giving up Pepsi and coffee!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  15. Thanks so much for the clock freebie!!! I'm so impressed about you giving up soda. I've tried so many times. I'm addicted to a coke from McDonalds.....gosh it's just something about their coke!! :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard


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