Saturday Snapshots

I am linking up again for Saturday Snapshots hosted by Miss Nelson....

Today we took a little time out to spend some time down at the marina and on one of our favourite trails. I am a little stressed (read majorly stressed!!) about my math course that just started and need to take frequent breaks from obsessing about it.

My favourite animal in the world - ducks!!

My girls playing their made up game of throw the rock onto the floating moss/seaweed as we sat on the bench and just enjoyed the day - should have brought drinks!!

My favourite thing - ducks diving down and sticking their behinds up : )

My Emma's favourite - swans!

The ducks decided to follow us for a bit.

Then they got in front of us!


  1. Looks like a relaxing day :) Love the swans!


  2. What a lovely day! The weather is fantastic here! The humidity broke and there was not a cloud in the sky this morning. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Ducks are so much fun! My daughter and I walked outside the other day and there were 5 ducks hanging out in our front yard! She loved playing with them and chasing them around! Great pics!


    Drop By...
    Life As I Know It

  4. Love your pictures. So pretty! I bet your girls had fun with the ducks. Glad you had nice weather.
    Thanks for linking up.

  5. You'd love the courtyard at the place my dad is at...there is a little pond and three sets of ducks there! One mother has 18, another 12 and the last has 6...we love to watch them (and their little diving behinds!) as we walk him to lunch!

  6. Awww....soooo sweet. I want to play with the ducks and swans. I am sorry your math course is causing you to be stressed out. I don't like that at all. Can I help in any way??? I can send you lots of Pinterest pins to distract you...or yell bad words so you can hear them at your house....or Fed Ex you some popcorn. You just let me know!! XOXOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin Learnin'

  7. What a beautiful, relaxing spot to spend some time with your family. Thanks for sharing a piece of it!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  8. Such a perfect day! Hopefully, it help to relieve some of that stress!
    Fifth Grade Wit and

  9. What great pictures!! Looks like you had a fun, relaxing day!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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