50th Day of School - Sparking Student Motivation

Yes I am alive and kicking (well more like shuffling). I have thought of many posts that I wanted to share, I have even taken pictures to support some of those posts, some even had freebies too, but as you know those posts have never made it onto the screen (mine or yours). Hopefully this post is the first step back to blogging and sharing (fingers crossed).

Thursday was our 50th Day of School and we celebrated like it was 1999 (which to my students might as well be 50 years ago!!).

First off, my teaching partner and I dressed up in poodle skirts. I did not get a picture but we looked amazing. Here is the skirt I wore:

Some of our students dressed up too. This cutie had a comb in his back pocket and Popeye cigarettes rolled in his sleeve!!

We started the day with a PPT on the 1950's - comparing and contrasting then and now. They loved seeing pictures of what a "mom" would wear as she cooked in the kitchen. The teacher who comes in to do our arts and phys ed wore a dress, heels and a 1950's apron all day - it was awesome.

We did a lot of math activities counting to and making 50. A lot of our activities came from this packet from Cara Carroll (don't know her, just stalk her, but this is a great unit perfect for this year and different stuff for next year!).

Making root beer floats and these little books was the highlight of the day for many of the students. They kept saying how it was the best day of school ever (high praise from students who have only been in school for two years!). They loved making the books, drinking the drink and talking about them (non-stop).

We had a sock hop in the gym. We hand jived, twisted and bunny hopped. Of course we hula hooped too.

The day before, or the 49th day of school (not the most amazing day of school ever!!) we did this little counting to 50 chart. A quick way to check in on number skills. Click here to pick up a copy (and save it for next year since I am a terrible blogger and blog after the fact when I blog at all!!).

Since my students said this was the best day ever and I do believe that theme days are a great way to motivate students to learn without them realizing it, I am linking up this post with Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching for her always inspiring linky....

I hope to be back soon to share ideas for Bullying Prevention Awareness Week and what we have been up to in our class.


  1. I love the 50's! I was a poodle dancer for Halloween one year. It was awesome. :) Root beer floats sound like a great way to work on our how-to writing. Yum! I find it difficult to work theme days into our 5th grade because we switch for each subject but I would totally do it if I was a self contained classroom!
    Simple Insights

  2. How fun! I wish I was at your school! We sent out our progress reports. That's nearly as fun as making root beer floats and dancing the sock hop...
    Grade 4 Buzz


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