Craftivities - Can't Live Without Them


I am very excited to be linking up with Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B for her super fun new linky....

It is my first time linking up (obviously!!) and I am already cheating. I am linking up a "them" instead of an "it".

Something that I can not live without in my teaching...craftivities. I know it is a ridiculous word. It is a word that was not even part of my vocabulary two or three years ago. But is a word I use frequently. It is also a word I type into Pinterest on a regular basis. Also, it is a word that lets you know you have met a kindred teaching know what I mean...when you bring the word up in conversation and they do not look at you like you are a crazy person...they look at you with a glimmer of excitement in their eyes!! That is a teaching kindred spirit : )

A craftivity is the perfect blend of an art activity with curriculum expectations all wrapped up in one beautiful bulletin board display!

The best thing about a works for any subject and any craft.

Halloween? Yep, use shapes to create a Frankenstein and write sentences describing the shapes you used.....

Writing Template from Rachel Lamb
Pirates? Yep.

Squirrels? Yep.

Splat the Cat? Yep.

50th Day of School? Yep, how to make a root beer float book....

One of my favourite finds this year have been these Power Passages from Teacher to the Core (I don't know her - just a fan!). Because they include great reading passages perfect for building fluency? Nope. Because they include writing templates that match the reading passage? Nope. Because the include adorable craftivities? YES!!

We made these super cute placemats with writing about food we like and these adorable cats with sentences about what cats can do...

You know what is coming, the Christmas Season or as I like to think of it Craftivity Season!!! Yes, I have a problem : )  But seriously if you know of any must-do craftivities let me know!!


  1. Your bulletin boards are so cute! I love craftivities too, and it always bugs me that spell check thinks it's spelled wrong. Have a great day!

  2. I love craftivities too!! It's a little harder for me to do them, because there is not a whole lot of math craftivities out there for upper elementary! I wish I knew how to create them myself!

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