Five for Frigid Friday!!

This is one Friday that TGIF does not even begin to cover how I am feeling!! The first week back after holidays and indoor recess all day, every day was almost more than me and my 19 first graders could take. Add to that, the school I taught at for the last 15 years had a snow day today!! Okay, time to focus on the goodness that is the weekend. I am linking up for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

We are hitting the snowman theme in our class. On Tuesday we made these adorable snowman windsocks. I got the idea here (from TeachWithMe). There is a template (that I did not use, I just winged it - hence they did not turn perfectly) and they should have a brim for the hat - but we ran out of black paper (and by that I mean...I used the last piece!). This was a great math activity - we talked about the shape of each piece and its attributes - then bam-o, prest-o, we turned our 2-D art into a 3-D shape and started our learning on 3D shapes.

We started our unit on procedural writing. Our first to dress for the winter weather. We got all of our gear together and got ready and wrote our steps as we went. Then we went outside for 5 minutes - the only 5 minutes we spent outside all week. Of course my principal caught us on our way out...what are the chances (pretty high apparently - she also walked in while we were stacking marshmallows/cylinders to collect data!!)

We made these adorable snowmen that I have always loved. We used them to go with The Biggest, Best Snowman...a book we read a couple of times this week and used to work on B, M, E retells.

You can tell from the picture that I have moved away from giving my students tracers and just let them go for it - hence the floating bodies and snow globs instead of flakes.

We worked on the "ing" sound with the King of Ing ...since it was the Epiphany and the 3 kings finally showed up and all. I had found this freebie and this freebie with some fun ideas.

We also watched this video a couple of times.

Since I have firmly decided not to give up coffee (slowly reducing cream and sugar) I did the next logical thing - taught my daughter how to make me a coffee using the Tassimo and add just the right amount of cream and sugar. It is one of those jobs that she loves and offers to do all the time. On a Saturday morning it is pure heaven.

See you tomorrow for some motivating ideas : )


  1. Give up coffee - no! Don't do that! Although I will admit I haven't had one for a while - I'm pregnant and could have a couple of cups of tea, or one coffee - I go with the tea! First week back and inside recess's does not sound fun! I bet you are glad it's Friday! Love the snowmen - very cute!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. We had no buses on Friday - so I only had six students! I got all of my PMs done on those friends... Have a great Sunday!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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