Gold Medal Performance - Sparking Student Motivation

Happy Saturday!! I have no idea how cold it is today - because I have no intention of setting foot out of doors today. Today is my youngest daughters 12th birthday - but her dad is going out of town and her sister is at camp so we are having a girls day at home! We are in the final countdown to having two teenage girls in our house - give us strength.

I wanted to share a fun and easy tool I am using in my class this year. Over the summer I bought some of these gold medal necklaces at Michaels.

Anytime a student gives a great answer, shows big improvement....or really any time I want to reward someone, I give them a gold medal to wear for the rest of the day. Their faces light up, all the other students ask - "What did you do to get your gold medal?" I like that I can use them for anything or anyone that needs to be recognized. You used the anchor chart on your own - gold medal, you gave the attributes of a square - gold medal, you told the class facts about bats - gold medal, you found a pattern on the 100 Chart - gold medal.

At the end of the day, they give the gold medal back and get a sticker to wear home.

The label in the picture was one I quickly made and was struggling with - then I made these pictures that I just insert in my label sheet. I used a border from Teaching in a Small Town, clipart from Melonheadz, and a Font from KG.

If you want to try this out, right click on the picture and save yourself a copy - then just insert  it into the labels you use : )

I am linking up with my friend Joanne for her awesome linky....


  1. Thanks for the tags. So cute! I love the medals. Very motivating!

    Swinging for Success

  2. I love this! Even 4th graders would buy into this!!!
    Happy Saturday!

  3. I use medals and they give them back at the end of the day, but they don't have something to take home. I love the idea of a sticker to take home! And, yours are adorable! Thanks for sharing and linking up BBB! Stay warm and enjoy your day with your daughter! :)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Love that you can mix and match your own stickers...I teach all boys, so I hate finding cute things that have tons of girls in them! Thanks for sharing!


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