Goodbye December.....Hello January with a Freebie

You may be asking yourself..."Is she really going to post stuff about December?"  and the answer is yes, yes I am. This blog post has been on my to-do list since around December 15th and I NEED to cross it off my list. But if you read (or quickly scroll to the end) there is a cute calendar card freebie for January!

You may remember that I has both a reindeer and elf theme going in my classroom this year. Instead of doing Secret Elf Pals we had a Kind-deer visit our classroom. Each day the Kind-deer would love notes for our class giving us a kind task to complete. This was a huge hit with my students - every day they were super excited to see what the Kind-deer had left for us and most of them were just as eager to complete the task.

Another thing that was happening in our classroom was a Christmas tree countdown. I saw this pin on Pinterest as an Advent countdown. I used the templates provided by Pink Suede shoes here to create trees. Each night a tree would magically disappear (at least that is what my students thought - really I just put them away in a box- they were pretty labour intensive - I am saving these bad boys!).

As part of our reindeer/elf theme we made a graph (I try to sneak data management in as much as I can).

Each student voted and wrote why they chose reindeer or elf. As you can see reindeers were not very popular....I was a little surprised. I am not sure if it was because we were doing a non-fiction study of reindeer and they felt elves were more magical....but things changed when we read this book....

This was a new find for me this year. It is obviously about Santa's reindeer going on strike - sort of like the farm animals in Click Clack Moo (great way to keep working on persuasive books with a holiday theme) Santa tries to replace them with a variety of animals - each animal meets some of the criteria but each also has a unique drawback too.

This book really sparked my students' interest in Santa's reindeer. They started to wonder what would reindeer do with their time, what do they do in the North Pole, what do they do all year....which led me to think that I should create this....
It is just like my elf applications activity - only with super fun jobs for the reindeer - like D.J., teacher, weather reporter and Public Relations Officer!! Click here to check it out on TpT.
I have this book in my Amazon cart...ready for next is the elf version...
Okay, I know that this post is a little bit behind the times (but just think how happy I am to cross it off my to do list!).
In January my classroom will be all about snow and snowmen. To get things started I made some new calendar cards. Now that my math course is done - I know I will be able to blog and share ideas in a more timely fashion - which makes me so happy (it is very stressful seeing blog ideas on the to do list and never getting to them). Click here to pick up a copy for your classroom.

Hope you enjoy your last day of break - good luck tomorrow!!!

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  1. Love the Kind Deer idea!! I will have to remember that for next year. I also like the Christmas tree count down. What a fun way to count down.



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