Learning Goals, Achievement Levels and 2 Stars and a Wish

I have to say, moving grades has been a steep learning curve for me this year. While the curriculum expectations may not seem as intense as other grades there is a lot of heavy lifting to be done in the Grade 1 classroom. Some things I was not expecting, some I forgot about and some surprise me.

One thing that I had sort of forgot about is the fact that my students don't really know what achievement levels are...this year is the first year they will be getting letter grades on their report card. Sure we have been talking about our learning goals and how we know we are successful since the beginning but just recently I introduced the "2 Stars and a Wish" feedback strategy. While going over this we started talking about how we use this feedback to help us improve our work and then I stumbled onto the fact that achievement levels meant nothing to them!!

So a min-lesson arose. What do we do with feedback. How do we really use a checklist (not just to put checks on!!! Although that is fun). What are the levels - what do they mean.

So....I had to add some more info to my board (okay, it is not a real bulletin board, it is my cupboards, I don't have enough room!).

I had printed the achievement levels out on regular size paper but I will be making them larger for students to reference (just as soon as I change my ink).

I added these to my Student Success Bulletin Board set, so if you own it, go and re-download it. If you want to check it out, click here.



I have shared how I use 2 Stars and a Wish before (click here to read about it and pick up the stickers I make). This year I made a feedback page that I can attach to student work, use for students to give feedback to each other or send home for parents to provide feedback. Click on the picture to save it and insert it into a page - you can make one large page or put 2 on a page.
(Font from KG Fonts, Border from Creative Clips)
Well I am off to cross my fingers for a snow day tomorrow - which will make it very hard to work on report cards : )
Enjoy the game tonight!!


  1. I love Two Stars and a Wish!!! We use FIP strategies all the time!!! This is one that is used a lot in our school!!!

  2. Ah yes, even in second grade the thrill of checking yes outweighs the desire to actually DO the thing on the list... Love your posters!!


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