Addition - Using Differentiated Task Cards

See we did make snowflakes!! It took awhile and there were lots of frustrated kiddos but we persevered and the look on their faces when they opened up their snowflake....priceless. It was also a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of looking and listening during oral instructions. AND it really showed how some of my sweet kiddos really do have poor fine motor skills. Folding and creasing....stressful. Cutting through folded layers of paper...near impossible. But once they got it they were bitten by the snowflake bug and wanted to make one for every person they had ever met.
In addition to our art and writing we have been using snowflakes in our math.
We are trying to consolidate our understanding of addition and addition strategies. My class has a wide range of understanding and application of addition strategies. I really needed to target certain students and certain skills. So I made catching snowflakes addition task cards.
I made a variety of task cards that address certain skills.
I use the cards for Scoot activities and as a math rotation activity, but I mostly use them for small group and individual instruction. Having different cards that address different skills lets me target my instruction and talk to my students about how they are finding their answers.
differentiating with task cards
When working with my students I give them a card and ask them to solve it. Then I ask them to explain how they solved the problem. Some of my students have great personal strategies and I just mention another one that they may want to try too. Some of my students need to see some modelling of a strategy and I do that with wipe-off marker right on the spot. Some other students need help with the counting on strategy - like my friend in the middle pic who did not start with the big number and then count on put whichever one was on top.
I made follow-up activity sheets for each strategy for extra practice. I use an accordion file to hold all the materials by strategy. This lets me quickly pull what I need to put out for a scoot activity, in a center or for my small group.
These are my favorite/least favorite cards. I love them because I know my kiddos need a solid understanding of how to make 10. I don't love them because when I pull them out I find some students who are still working on this skill. But keep working on it we will!
I often use them as a Ticket out the Door or as a time filler if we have a few minutes between activities.

I made a few tools to go with the cards like these ten frames with snowflake counters.

We have also been working on applying our addition skills to problems. We have just started open problems far so good.

You can pick up the ten frames and 2 sample problems by saving the pics below and inserting them into your own document.

addition word problem freebie

And you can check out all the resources by clicking the picture below. They are on sale for a limited time for only $1.00!!!

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