How To Catch a Snowflake

Yes, Sunday night planning panic has set in. Yes I am going to watch Downton Abbey in about 40 minutes. Yes I have a bazillion things to be doing but that seems to be the only time that I think it makes sense to sit down and blog!!

In our classroom we are deep into all things snow! So of course we had to make the adorable craftivity of kids catching snowflakes.

We used the template from A Year of Many Firsts and just as she recommended we used scrapbook paper for the scarves. The picture above is before they caught snowflakes....well before we added the snowflake to the tongue.

Here are two close-ups with snowflakes. I was going to use my Cricut to make snowflakes but was tidying up and came across snowflake bulletin border that I no longer wanted (I no longer switch out my borders seasonally - ain't no one got time for that). So I cut the border up and used it for the snowflakes on the tongues. (Never fear, I DID teach my students how to make paper took two painstaking periods, but we did it!!)

Now, this craftivity is super adorable but I also needed some writing to go with it - I had taken down all of our work before Christmas and our room was in need of some kid we wrote a quick procedural text on how to catch a snowflake.

First we talked about how we could catch a snowflake, which body parts we would use to catch a snowflake, when the best time is to catch a snowflake etc. Then we acted out catching a snowflake (unfortunately, it was not snowing so we could not go outside and try it....but that would be awesome). Next we reviewed what we knew about procedural writing, what words we would need for our writing, what to put in the boxes to help our readers etc. Finally we wrote our texts. See what I did there....I wrote out our procedure!!

Here is the page we used...

I let them write their directions however they wanted. We all started with the general ideas of getting ready and heading outside while it was snowing. Some chose to write about using their tongue others their hands. We did the craftivity after our writing. Next time I think I would do the craft first and base our writing on the actions being shown in the person we made....go outside, tilt head back, open mouth, stick out tongue...catch a snowflake. Oh well, live and learn.

I have a very busy week I am sure I will be back loads of times to share ideas with you : )

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