R Controlled Vowels - 5 for Friday

This week was chock full of R Controlled Vowel activities and some fun snow-themed learning too! I am linking up to share a bit about our week with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.


First we used these two videos as intros to our learning. My kiddos really loved this one from Electric Company.

While this one makes me happy.

We also read these two books.

I had already planned to read Giraffe and Bird because 7 of my students chose to learn about and write about giraffes for our adopt an animal project and I thought it would be a nice connection - but then I read the title and the book and there were loads of opportunities to find r controlled vowel words.

And of course this book is chocked full of opportunities to find words!! Love Brian Cleary books. Have you checked out his website, lots of fun stuff to explore.

I was really excited to teach about R controlled vowels since I already made material for this topic....only when I opened my file I found out that it was for grade 3 and I really could not use it with my grade 1's. So.....I kept the posters....

r controlled vowel activities

r controlled vowel activities
and then made all new activities. First up picture and word cards for Write the Room and Match the Card activities. I also made follow up worksheets to help reinforce our learning.

You can check out my new R Controlled Vowel pack by click on the pic below.



This week we had some "Snowball Fight Addition" fun. While I have used "snowball fights" to practice skills for a number of years this was the first time I have used it with Grade Ones. Well.....they loved it.....but it took some time and support to explain how to have a snowball fight in math class. First we used G.O.O.S.e paper (Good On One Side) and made number cards (which involved folding and writing numbers big enough and neatly enough that we could read the number). Then we had to cut the paper. Then scrunch the paper into snowballs. This is the point that they became very intrigued. Next we had to stand and throw our snowballs. We all aimed for our carpet learning area. Excitement level was getting a little out of control by now. This next part is when the lovely teacher (me!) had to step in and set some guidelines....the collecting of two snowflakes to take to our desk , record as an addition sentence and solve. The first time we tried it was like the pieces of paper were gold nuggets. After that students waited for their class number to be called to pick up snowballs.

snowball math

But big fun and big practice was had by all (well maybe not my teaching partner - who got to listen to the loud voices with none of the fun learning).

I also made this pack to work on our addition skills. Click on the pic to check it out.


Lastly we watched the new video on Class Dojo all about growth mindset. It is the first in a series of five videos. I shared this on my FB page earlier this week but I don't think anyone saw it (really people it is good, check it out!!!!) so I am sharing it again (cause I really think you should check it out!!)

Did you watch it??? Really, or are you just saying that?

Okay I will stop harassing you know - have a great weekend!!

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  1. We watched the new Class Dojo video as well and the kids loved it so much they wanted the next chapter right away! I'm excited to see what is to come! :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom


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