Super Readers {Freebie}

Happy New Year!! The holidays have flown by and my brain is making the transition from thinking of reading, snacking and napping to planning, creating and printing. When we return on Monday I will have two new students so I have some prepping to do to get their supplies and books ready. New students provide a great opportunity to review routines, expectations and build community. One of the resources I need to get ready for my new students is their home reading folder and materials.

Moving to Grade 1 last year was a great chance to think about what I wanted my home reading to look like. This year I was able to add some fun components to our reading program to motivate my students and engage parents in the process too. I kept the "Super Hero Reading Theme" I used in Grade 3 and 4 (read about that here) and created resources that would target skills that my students needed to develop.

Here are some pictures of the components I added to my home reading program this year.

1. A super hero reading folder - it is two pocket poly-duotang. The duotang part is used for notes to parents. The pocket in the back is for their book and the pocket in the front holds any extra tools sent home to use when reading.

2. When we first started our home reading program each student was given an "invitation" to give to a parent or family member to read with them (two pages printed back to back).

3. They also received a door hanger to let other people know that they were reading (hopefully with a family member) and they should not be disturbed.

super reader freebie

4. Once we had been moving and grooving with our home reading for a bit I listened to each on of my students read their home reading book and wrote a note telling them what I noticed about their reading and why I thought they were a super reader.

5. Next students brought home a note page for their parents to fill out letting their child know what they noticed about their reading and why they thought their child was a super reader. There were two areas to write - one for their child and one they sent back to school so I could hear about their home reading.

6. I also gave students a page for them to do a little self-reflection and record how they were super readers and what strategies they are using.

7. Lastly I created bookmarks that could be sent home as needed that would help parents reinforce skills that we were using in class. I copy them on different colors of paper but here is a pic of the b&w version.

My students take home books on Monday and Wednesday....and they were getting a sticker each time they brought their book back because we were tracking home reading as a school for a reward program a local business....only the program has stopped, so tracking is stopping BUT my kiddos were promised a reward at the beginning of the year and I have a few sweeties that would never forget that. I will be having a Super Hero Reading party for all my kiddos at the end of  the month including food, capes and books!! You can read more about my reading parties here.

Starting the new year is a great time to try new things or add a little something to what you already do. If you are interested in adding a little super hero theme to your home reading you can pick up a copy of the resources I use here.

Now take some time to read some other fabulous ideas that will help get you ready for the year ahead.


  1. Thanks for linking up with us this month! What great ideas for supporting reading at home. :)

  2. Fantastic ideas, as always!! I just love this!

    Happy New Year!

    Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom

  3. I love that your cards tell families to "read and talk about" the home reading books! It moves away from the rote reading that can so easily happen with home programs. Great idea - thanks for sharing!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

  4. Great post! School-Home connection is so important!

  5. LOVE the bookmarks! kids and parents can actually talk the same language about reading! Thanks! Happy New Year! wendy 1stgradefireworks


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