Calendar Card {Freebie}

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.

Second, I am loving the new fonts I purchased from Brittney Murphy Fonts and Designs (see samples in the pic above!!). I almost have too many fonts, almost, I can probably handle 25 more :)  I wish I could delete some of the fonts that come with Windows to make more room for the beautiful ones.

Lastly, this spring is wonky, yes wonky. We had our one and only "snow day" this spring, okay, it was an ice rain day but it is spring and we had a day off after a full winter of not even a bus cancellation - wonky. Next, Easter is in March this year. I know this happens but it has made for a wonky schedule of holiday themed centres, mentor texts, crafts etc. Plus it messed up my calendar card rotation. Usually I use my Crazy Rabbits for April but this year they do not work for April. Sooooo I made a new set with more of an Earth Day vibe since learning about Global Communities and Conserving Energy will be our units of study this month. If you need a new set of calendar cards for April (due to the wonky spring) click here.

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  1. I hear you re: fonts. I had way too many and some of the ones I'd paid for weren't showing up. :-( Exported the entire font file and then installed only my favorites. Sometimes I go to open something I made previously and have to install another font or change one. Only up to 653 now...probably had close to 1500 before!

    I'm a mac girl, but you could always google which fonts Windows needs and delete the rest, after saving a copy of them just in case.


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