If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur - Terrific Text Tuesday

Welcome to another Terrific Text Tuesday!! This week I want to share a book from one of my favourite authors....Linda Bailey.

 I love Linda Bailey's books. I LOVE the Stanley series and often use them as mentor texts in MATH!! If Kids Ruled the World is another great mentor text that is part of the Blue Spruce books this year. I have not read Toads on Toast yet....but my brain is turning after seeing the cover and reading the description. Last summer I bought "If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur" knowing that the text would be totally engaging for my students and it would make a great writing prompt.
If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur mentor text
 There are so many things that a dinosaur could do but to me the best part of the book is the ending....it just opens up conversation and you can actually see your students thinking!!
Mentor Text writing prompt
 Well we could not just leave that question unanswered. So as a class we brainstormed some ideas of what we could do with a kangaroo (luckily we have studied Australia in Social Studies so we have many kangaroo experts!). After that it was time to set my students free to do their own writing. I had them choose any animal that they wanted but we did re-read the animals in the book just in case. Then they wrote at least 3 ideas for what they could do with that animal. Some students wanted to know if they could write real things....and of course they could. But I did encourage them to use their imagination and think of some creative uses too. Here are some samples for a giraffe, a horse and a sabretooth.
mentor text writing

If you see a copy of this book at your library or in a bookstore I think you should grab it. If you do get a hold of it and would like our writing page click here to download a copy.

writing freebie If You Happen to have a dinosaur

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