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Sometimes I get a little nervous when I head over to my blog....I think to myself it has been so long since I have been there, what if it is gone!!! But thankfully when I came over tonight it was still here so I can share a quick freebie with you.

Today at the end of the day while we were lining up for home (cause yes I am still teaching!) my students were talking about the calendar and arguing about whether or not it was indeed the last day of May, which made me say (in my head), OMG it is the last freakin day of May!! I need some calendar cards for tomorrow, what theme do I want to do, when am I doing that....and so on (to my students I said totally appropriate teacher like things).

So tonight I made up some super cute (IMO....this clipart makes me smile) calendar cards. If you want to pick up a set (cause like me you are still teaching into June, or maybe you are teaching summer school) click here.

There is a July calendar header too....I won`t be teaching but maybe you will be : )

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  1. Love these...thanks for sharing!!! Am ditching my old calendar and thinking about using monthly cards like this for next year...but then I worry it is too much trouble having different cards every month. Hmmmm...


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