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I am not back to work yet (yes, I feel lucky now, but I did not feel lucky when I was still working on December 23rd at 3:30 p.m.) but I am in planning (okay pre-planning!) mode. One of the first things I like to do in preparation for going back to school is collecting books....books to use as mentor texts, books to share just because, books for the kiddos to know BOOKS. So I went through my winter tub of books and put in my requests for winter themed books from the library.

I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you here today! Some may be familiar to you, hopefully you see something new...or maybe just a reminder about a book that you love and haven't used in a while (that happens to me a lot!).

Here are a few of my favourite, tried and true books:

Here are a few ones that are new to me that I can't wait to use:

Bare & Hare Snow! is a very simple book but is a great way to generate ideas about things to do in the snow or make connections, plus the illustrations are awesome!

Let it Snow (Toot and Puddle) is a Christmas book about finding the perfect gift to give someone and I will use it as an intro to sharing about our holidays - trying to focus on not just the gifts but about who they spent time with and the special memories they made.

The Little Snow Plow is like the little engine that could and will be a great way to review growth mindset.

Snow by Sam Usher is about a little boy wanting to go outside and having to wait for his grandfather. When they finally make it outside there are a number of characters already playing in the snow! I will be using this book as a lead in to our work on writing to get ready to play outside in the winter!

I will also be using some of these books (Jillian Jiggs for sure!) to review the features of a fiction text. We were working on this in December with a few Christmas books (Reindeer Rebellion and Christmas Crisis) so I made new posters for January.

Before reading a book that I plan on using to identify text features or retell using a story map we watch this video:

After reading the book we use the posters to review what each feature is and then we identify it for the text we just read. I record the students ideas, sometimes on chart paper, or our white board and or on paper that I post under the posters. Using chart paper or paper for under the posters allow us to compare books easily. Here is what it has looked like in my classroom...

Here are some great winter books you could use:

Here are the new posters I made for January

If you want to pick up a copy of the posters (2 sizes and a b&w version) and a reading response activity to try out you can pick up a copy here.

If you want to check out the complete set of posters and response activities you can see them here.

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