Christmas Ornament #2

Today we started the process of turning our classroom into Santa's Workshop and ourselves into elves. We started the day with a Secret Elf Pal draw. Each student picked a name of a fellow student from my elf hat. Then they decorated their brown bag stocking and put their name on it so their Secret Elf Pal will have a spot to make deliveries. Each day we will be doing an Elf Task card which were inspired by I Love My Classroom's post on her Elf Task Card freebie. Today we made our second Christmas craft/ornament. I took the inspiration for these cupcake ornaments from Run, Miss Nelson's Got the Camera (only hers are way cuter - but I could not find all the supplies as I shopped in desperation on Saturday night with my two very tired and annoyed children!). We used red ornaments from Dollarama, Christmas cupcake holders from Walmart, fake snow from Walmart, green sprinkles from my cupboard and red pompoms from the craft bin on my shelf. I made two with my daughters for samples. I learned that putting the ornament in straight and not too tight worked best.

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