Christmas Ornament #3 and Classroom Pics

Why is it that it feels like the Christmas holidays will never get here but at the same time, time is going by sooo fast I will not have everything done and ready - at home or at school?!?! I would like to get one more Christmas Craft in next week - but can't decide between Reindeer ornaments (need paint, wooden hearts and pompoms, have googly eyes).
or Christmas pictures (need frames from the dollar store, plasticene in class already).
One of my teaching buddies and I quickly put together our Christmas doors (thank you for the Pinspiration and the Inspiration) and the kids love them!!
We also quickly revamped our Bump it up bulletin board as it was this week's "Look For" from our principal.
This is the grade 1/2 board - they are working on improving their Christmas sentences.
This is their anchor chart for words to use.
Here is our grade 3/4 board - we are working on persuasive letter writing.

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