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One of the joys of having just recently started this blog is that I can post things that others did way back in August/September!! I took my own kids into my classroom today - to get away from their still sick dad and to help me tidy up a few things in my classroom (the joys of having girls that love helping in my classroom!).

I decided to take a few pics of my classroom to share with you.

This is a picture of my Brightlinks - my girls were playing SharkBait/Hangman on it. It has quickly become my must have, can't live without resource!

This is a pic of our document camera - the kids love seeing their work up on the Brightlinks - especially useful when discussing each others math problem solving.

This is our behaviour clip chart, that I got from The Inspired Apple and our daily agenda and learning goals.

This is a pic that goes with our classroom economy - students earn money (if I am being honest I hardly ever take money away - I just give to students on task and the others notice). Every 6 weeks we have a classroom store to spend our money.

These are my girls organizing classroom supply bins - I job I love to pass on to them!

Tucked in this corner is our writing area, the Voice board is from Ladybug Teacher Files and the Writer's Eye is from First Grade Fresh (I believe - if not I am happy to give credit wherever it is due).

These are our writer's eye glasses (3D movie glasses with no lenses) and our celebrity editing pals - an idea I got from Teacher Tipster.

This is our bucket filling area - we use the books sign out part of our reading cart to leave notes to fill each other's buckets - each student has a slot - we do not actually use it to sign out books!

On our windows we have book themes and genres, I put up pictures of books we have read to help students make text to text connections. I took this idea from Beth Newingham but made my own to fit my themes and windows.

This is our word study area - ready for Winter Word Study!

This is our Math Word Wall - soon to switch over to multiplication!

This is the beginning of our non-fiction text feature board - we will be starting our unit the first week back.

Our regular word wall, the binder has word lists, separated by theme - strong verbs, transition words, adjectives etc.

Well there is a snapshot of my classroom - a work in progress to be sure. A big thanks to all the bloggers and pinners out there who have so generously shared their classrooms and freebies with me!!

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