Countdown to Christmas Concert.

Every year our school holds a Christmas Concert during the last week before holidays - so we spend a good portion of December in rehearsals. Some days they go well with the kids smiling and singing and moving in unison - other days, not so much. Today was a "not so much" day as we performed for 1 other teacher (the actual music teacher). No smiling, lots of mumbling. Argh, some days it feels like you are never going to be ready - but of course they always shine at the actual concert and parent's love whatever their kids do. This year and last year we chose songs from K-8 music. Last year we did Blitzen's Boogie and this year we are doing We Will Jingle. I have a pretty creative class this year and a few students wrote lyrics for the song Gangam Style and we are doing a Christmas version - which is hillarious and gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Check out the website for some great music ideas.

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