New (School) Year Resolutions

I am joing up with Amanda at Teaching Maddeness for her linky party:

Teaching Maddeness

Here goes:

Personal Resolution:

Drink less Pepsi - which helps me to eat less chips, which helps me to eat less dip! Hopefully this will also help me to lose weight. Along the same line - take our dog for longer walks - even when it is so cold, or so hot or my favourite show is about to start!

School Resolution:

Work harder to develop and implement inquiry based math lessons - not just at the beginning of the unit, but yes dare I say it - during the unit too! I`m part of our board`s Junior Math Numeracy Network so hopefully our workshops and meetings will keep me on track.

Blog Resolution:

I am a long time Blog reader, really new Blog writer, but my goal is to be a better Blog commenter (is that even a real word?!?). After starting my own Blog I realized the importance of comments - knowing that someone has read your blog and had a positive (hopefully) reaction to it can really make it worthwhile. I use to think why comment if all I had to say was "Great idea" or "So Cute". But now I see the importance of taking the time to comment, especially to just say thanks! So that is my goal - to let other Bloggers know just how much I appreciate their work and their sharing!


  1. Love your "drink less Pepsi" resolution! I am addicted to Mt. Dew! I know how difficult it is to drink less of it. When I crave a sweet a Mt. Dew is my go to. Good luck!

  2. That personal resolution cracked me up! Hi, I'm Deniece your newest follower.

    Welcome to the bloggie world!

  3. i love the drink less Pepsi resolution. Good luck with your goals. I found you though the linky party and am your newest follower.

  4. Thanks for linking up! I loved your first resolution! ;) I also need to be a better blog commenter...I'm chalking my lack of commenting up to this being my first year as a blogger, but I know I need to do much better!

    Teaching Maddeness

  5. Hi! I found you through the New Year's linky and hope to link up soon. I was cracking up reading your first resolution!! I know what you mean about commenting. I love getting comments so I try to comment when I can to pay it forward:) I am your newest follower!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. Good luck with drinking less Pepsi-I am a Diet Coke junkie and just can't stop! I agree with you about the importance of comments. I mostly read blogs on my Google Reader phone app, so I mostly just skim the topics. Now that I am on break I am trying to post more comments. Great resolutions!


  7. I am a total Diet Pepsi addict so I can really appreciate your first goal. I also am trying to be a better commenter instead of just a lurker! I am your newest follower.


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