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Last week I had a post titled, Books, Books and More Books. I thought, hey, I'll make that a weekly post where I'll talk about books that I used that week, what we did with them and preview books for the coming week. I would talk about a LOT of books.

But today I'm going to talk about book, book and book, that's right, just one book. This book is so spectacular, so inspiring and so relevant that it deserves its own post.

The book is Wonder by R. J. Palachio.

It is the story of August Pullman, a 10 year old boy going to school for the first time. August has a severe facial deformity. The book tells the story of his first year at school - using 6 different narrators (great for point of view!).

What I love about this book:

1. My daughter is reading it and loves it.
My oldest daughter is not a reader (gasp, I know, how can she not love books - actually she loves craft books and cook books and magazines). But when she finds a great book she is engaged and enthusiastic. This book has her coming out of her room to tell me about it, asing if she can go and read and it has her crying. She is in Grade 6 and she loves it! She even found this great pic on instagram.

2. It made me cry.
I love when a book makes me LOL or cry. This book had me tearing up like crazy!

3. It has parts that I want to read aloud to someone.
Yes and that someone is usually my husband. He is used to me saying: Just listen to this part, okay now listen to this, isn't that great. This book had me reading aloud. I know some teachers are reading it to their grade 5-8 classes. I would for sure read it to myself first. I'm not sure that I could read it to a class (see number 2). I had a hard enough time reading The Adventures of Edward Tulane.

4. I took away quotes.
I love a book that gives me quotes so I can keep thinking about it. Here is my favourite:

but what I want you, my students, to take away from your middle-school experience, he continued, is the sure knowledge that, in the future you make for yourselves, anything is possible. If every single person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary - the world really would be a better place.

It goes on from there, even with a little chuckle, but you really need to read it!

5. It made me think about my school.
Tomorrow I have a meeting in the p.m. with our School Climate Committee. We will be planning school wide activities to deal with bullying and just the overall postive climate of the school. We will be focussing on getting ready for Pink T-Shirt Day and No-Name Calling week. This book put me in a great frame of mind to think about the kids at our school.

All I can say is - if you haven't already - you should read this book!

Tomorrow while I am in my meeting my kids will be off to the library to start listening to the Forest of Reading - Blue Spruce nominated books. Each year in Canada a list of books for different age categories is nominated. School libraries get copies of the books. The children have them read to them or read them to themselves and then they get to vote for a winner! The kids love this program. This year my class is doing both the Blue Spruce and the Silver Birch Express books. The Blue Spruce books are read to them and then they do a follow up response page. The Silver Birch Express they read to themselves, keep track of their reading and if they read at least 5 they get to vote.

Here is a list of the Blue Spruce nominees:

Busy Beaver
Nicholas Oldland
Kids Can Press Ltd.

Don’t Laugh at Giraffe
Rebecca Bender
Pajama Press Inc.

Ella May and the Wishing Stone
Cary Fagan, Geneviève Côté
Tundra Books

Here Comes Hortense!
Heather Hartt-Sussman, Georgia Graham
Tundra Books

JoJo the Giant
Jane Barclay, Esperança Melo
Tundra Books

Kate and Pippin
Martin Springett, Isobel Springett
Puffin Canada/Penguin Group

Ashley Spires
Kids Can Press Ltd.

Really and Truly
Émilie Rivard, Anne-Claire Delisle
OwlKids Books Inc.

Kevin Sylvester
Tundra Books

You Are Stardust
Elin Kelsey, Soyeon Kim
OwlKids Books Inc.

Tomorrow we will start with Busy Beaver. You may have read one of the other books in this series - they are adorable.

Then my kids will complete this title page - with their name and drawing a forest of books. There are two activity pages - one for just drawing for the Grade 1/2 class and one with writing and drawing for my class. Click here to pick up a copy.

Well I need to go in to school today - to get my week ready(I was home sick on Friday) and I want to watch the Golden Globes tonight without worrying about school!!!


  1. I keep hearing about this book. I am going to have to venture out to a bookstore today and pick it up. I am all about reading books that give students something to think about in the way of how we treat each other. I will take your advice though and read it first, just to make sure it is appropriate for my 5th graders.

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Let me know what you think of the book and if you decide to read it to your class. I would love to hear about their reactions.

  2. Thanks so much for this post! I look forward to more posts about the awesome books that you find.

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

    1. I hope to post about books every weekend. Hope you enjoy!

  3. I teach 3rd Grade, but many of my students are reading on a 5th Grade Level, so we order out of Scholastic's ARROW. I see this book all the time in it. When it goes to paperback, I'M BUYING IT!! In our Time for Kids, there was an Author Spotlight and it was very interesting.

    I was out Friday as well. Sometimes I wish I could go in on the weekends, but on the otherhand, I bet I'd be up there most I'm kind of glad I can't go in.

    1. I'd really like to hear what you think of the book - be sure to come back and let me know. I ordered mine (well my daughter's) through Scholastic : )

  4. I am reading this book to my 5th graders right now. We haven't gotten too far into the book yet. I haven't read it myself, either. I just saw the amazon reviews and knew I needed to get it. You should read Because of Mr. Terrupt. It is another wonderful book!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade


    1. I am going to check out that book right now. Love your blog by the way - glad to be a new follower.

  5. I love The Bear Hug! I'll have to check the others in the series :)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  6. That sounds like a great book.Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check it out. :)


    The Balanced Classroom


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