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I am linking up with Jivey from Ideas by Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday Linky. I was at home sick today so I do not have a lot of pictures from my classroom to share, but I really wanted to share these three things that I started using as part of my writer's workshop.

#1. 3D Movie Glasses - Last year I asked my students to bring in their 3D movie glasses so we could have a class set. We popped the lenses out and the students wear the glasses when editing their work - so that they are using their writer's eyes!

#2 Celebrity Pictures in Dollar Store Frames - I took this idea from the incredibly awesome Teacher Tipster (I spent some enjoyable summer days watching his videos!). When revising their writing they take a celebrity photo and read their story to them. They need to make sure their writing includes "celebrity" words.

I have pics of Selena, Bieber, Spiderman, Santa, Captain Underpants and more.
Here is the celebrity I would read my writing to!

#3. Paragraph of the Week writing resource by Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6.  I love this resource. I just started using it this year but now I could not live without it. I love how it is broken down into small writing chunks - so that even on days when our schedule is crazy we can still get some writing in. I love how easy it is for my kids to see improvement in their writing and to feel sucessful. You might think I am saying this because I am a blogging buddy with her - but I swear I do not even know her - unless you consider blog stalking someone knowing them - I just really love this resource.

Go check out all the writing ideas and link up your ideas. I would love to hear about some must have resources or activities.


  1. I love reading to a celebrity! I'll have to try that!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I love it all!! Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. LOVE these ideas! My students NEVER want to go back and check over their writing. I really like the glasses, I might pick up a class set of sunglasses from the dollar store to use. Thanks for sharing!


    1. They love wearing them and I think they actually focus more when wearing them!

  4. I love these ideas, thanks for sharing! A few years ago I posted Wally the Walrus in the hallway and my kiddos read to Wally to find their mistakes. I think some pictures of One Direction and Adam Levine will work much better! The glasses are a great idea as well. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I won't get pictures of One Direction - the girls in my class giggle everytime I say "Okay I have one direction and then you can get to work", I don't think they could handle pics of the boys!


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