Workshop Wednesday - Dialogue Mini-Lessons

I am so happy to be linking up with Jivey for this week's Workshop Wednesday. Be sure to check out all the posts because this week is all about writer's workshop mini-lessons.

Jivey said it should be our "favorite" mini-lesson but my brain has been overloaded with a super long to do list and has begun shorting out and I couldn't think of lessons I had already done this year so I am blogging about the lessons I am doing right now (apparently I only have short term memory left!)

We are working on including dialogue in our narrative writing. Here is what we have done so far (sorry it is not one mini-lesson but our schedule has been so messed up we have done a lot of quick lessons with just a little student writing)

Day 1
1. write the word Dialogue on chart paper
2. have students think-pair-share what they think dialogue is and record responses
3. read aloud a picture book and point out examples of dialogue - the Pigeon series of books are really good for this
4. pay special attention to the variety of dialogue tags uses
5. have students think of something one of their parents said to them that morning (this could be risky for some!), call upon student to write what was said on chart paper, as a group turn it into a dialogue sentence
6. repeat
7. have students think of something their teacher would/did say (again risky I know)
8. turn it into a dialogue sentence - this time number and label all the important/necessary elements in the sentence.

Day 2
1. show them the quotation mark rulers
2. say a sentence like "Hurry, get down" holding one ruler up at the beginning and then adding the other one at the end
3. have students add the dialogue tag and your name ...yelled Mrs.C.
4. repeat
5. have students make their own quotation mark sticks using popsicle sticks (pick up a copy of mini quotation marks here)
6. students pair up - one says the dialogue the other adds the dialogue tag and name (based on expression and content they change up the dialogue tag - asked, whispered, explained)

Clipart from Scrappin Doodles

Day 2 Part 2
1. make rainy day pictures (you don't have to do this step obviously - I used an umbrella template I found through google, traced on to scrapbook paper, a raincoat template I found through google, colored, the added arms and hands and umbrella handle, we used blue paint watered down in squeeze bottles for the rain - this step did not work out so well, then we added digital pics of faces under the umbrella and yes Ryan is in my class) (you can check out my craft and art ideas board on Pinterest to see some of the work that inspired our art)
2. have students write 3 sentences about what they would say if they were outside in the rain - bring their sentences and quotation sticks up and show with the sticks where the quotation marks go
3. write good copy of sentences

Day 3
1. review the 7 necessary elements of a dialogue sentence - write just the words that would be said (the green writing) and have the students tell you all the other things to add (the red writing)
2. add the necessary elements to sentences on chart paper using punctuation magnets (pick up a copy of punctuation magnets here - I printed two copies on to magnetic sheets)

3. Write story starters that start with dialogue - story starters from Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

yes I've added an "n" to the word punctuation


  1. This is all so great! :) I love the Pigeon books! We actually rewrote one using the speech bubbles to make the dialogue, and we added the tags to it based on how he probably felt by the picture- no saids allowed! :-P

    Love the Ryan Gosling photo! ;-)Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love the rainy day writing project! So cute! It has rained all stinking week here, so I think that project would be very appropriate for us to do :)

  3. Love the Pigeon books too. My kids always love when I use them for a lesson.
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  4. What a fun project! I am cracking up over Ryan Gosling! I think he could make any lesson great. Do the kids appreciate him though? Or is he past their time already?

    Eclectic Educating

  5. So cute! I love the rainy day activity! And, is Ryan a good student in your class? Thanks for sharing these activities, my students have a hard time with dialogue.
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  6. I absolutely love the umbrella idea and will try that with my second graders! What a fun learning experience! Thanks for sharing...

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  7. How cute is all of this????? I love it! And that Ryan picture had me stopping, but just for a second and then I kept reading...(maybe). ;O)

    Love it and pinning it!
    Collaboration Cuties

  8. These are some very cute ideas for teaching a difficult concept in writing. For some reason, dialogue seems to be one of the hardest writing concepts for my kids to master every year. Thanks for the fun ideas! Have a great rest of your week! : )

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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