Mentor Text Linky - Alphabet Books and New Curriculum

I am linking up with the totally awesome ladies at Collaboration Cuties for their Must Read Mentor Text Linky

But before I share my book(s) suggestion I need to share something. I was in the staff room one day last week when my principal mentions in passing how the social studies curriculum is changing and hahaha people had just bought resources for the old topics and they were changing the topics we cover. She said this as if it was no big deal that the curriculum was changing and that NO ONE had told us!!!!!

So here is one of my current Grade 4 strands in the current curriculum (1000 years of history)

and here is the revised curriculum for next year (2013-2014)

Yes that's right, I will be covering 4500 YEARS!!!! Now I know that I will not be teaching everything about these CENTURIES but will be helping the students to make comparisons between peoples from this time around the world but it is still a lot of time to cover.

Okay, now that I have shared this crazy news here is my book suggestion.

What's that, you don't teach in Ontario. Well just find the book for your province or state.

Or if you are teaching about ancient civilizations (like I will be apparently) or any other period just find a book that matches your time/topic.

Why I like these books:

*they combine a little poetry verse and non-fiction facts

*they are GREAT models for creating class books or ABC projects

*they are a great source of information and are easy to read and discuss in small parts (like, let's say 26 parts!)

*students can be responsible for different pages - finding facts, adding facts, checking facts or whatever your smart brain comes up with as opposed to my waiting for summer brain

I was hoping to put together a clickable list of all the books for each province or state but I ran out of time (we went to visit my husband's family this weekend).So here is a link to the publisher's list of all their titles.


  1. I love the ABC books, they are wonderful. I'm so sorry to hear that they switched your curriculum without telling you! That is awful!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Consider yourself lucky you had a bit of a heads-up on the curriculum change...rumor has it we may be ditching our spelling program next fall. Which they will probably tell us on the first day back and then expect us to come up with an we'd have nothing else to do!

  3. I love these, too!!! And oh boy.......... 4500 years?!? I thought ours was bad- Native Americans (pre-explorers) to Westward Expansion (1800s). I won't complain anymore!
    ideas by jivey
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  4. There's also P is for Palmetto which is the SC version. :) My son has an autographed copy. We love ABC books. I think you can make the applicable for any grade level! Great post!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  5. I hear you girl! At least your admin is aware of the change. I am the one who brought it to the attention of our staff. I had just ordered a ton of stuff on First Nations and European Explorers and now I see that it is moving the fifth grade! I can't make hide or hair or what the "new" topics are. I see some similarities from the old to the new, but not a lot of it makes sense yet. Sigh:( Someone else told me they are revamping science again too! Keeps us on our toes it does!
    I see you and I picked the same book to link up! Great minds think alike? Anyhow, hope you are having a great weekend. Hot as heck out there today! Enjoy your last week. I have grade six graduation tomorrow night!

  6. Thanks for sharing these books! I've seen some before, but I had no idea they had them for so many different topics. As for your curriculum change, I'm sorry the powers-that-be are handling the situation so poorly. I'm sure you'll do a great job with whatever you have to teach!

    Teacher at the Wheel

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the Social Studies changes. I just took a look at it. Although change is always good, I have mixed feelings about it. I have so many questions, like; where do I start, are there enough resources on these topics, how will I engage them, etc.

  8. These are great; we use them at times in first grade too. They have so many topics and I think that's great!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  9. Um, your curriculum is whaaaaaaat? and BC? What on earth??? That gave me heart palpitations when I was reading it. You seem very calm. Stay calm.

    I love these ABC books and I LOVE that you put P is for Peach for your favorite GA Peach (that would be me, by the way).

    These are great books! I forgot they were poetry so I'm glad you reminded me since I want to start with poetry next year.

    So, basically you will be going on summer vacation and I will be going back to school. Pure sadness. I was thinking about you today and trying to figure out if you had a full week still left.

    I hope you feel better!
    Collaboration Cuties

  10. Oh goodness girly. Sorry for that rather abrupt switch! I hope you have an easy transition into that new curriculum!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  11. ugh sorry about the hey guess what news that was dropped on you. I absolutely LOVE this idea for mentor texts thank you!


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